James Marchington speaks out in support of Britain’s oldest Raptor Group

James Marchington well known and respected for his responsible attitude towards raptors has now given his support to the North West Raptor Protection Group, condemning the group’s treatment by Natural England and RSPB in his latest Blog. James also pours scorn on RSPB proposals to run hen harrier safaris in Bowland this year. James Marchington […]

One of our Bassenthwaite Ospreys is missing

Last year two male osprey chicks successfully fledged from their tree top eyrie at Bassenthwaite in the English Lake District. Sadly having satellite tagged both male birds known as numbers 11 & 12, disappointingly osprey number 11 sadly disappeared off the radar some where in the Sahara just after New Years Day 2011. This is […]

Illegal poising in Spain: three convicted

22 March 2011 Three people caught placing poison baits intended for protected birds of prey in Spain have been sentenced to a year and four months prison and fined more than €24 300.

The reduction in illegal poison incidents affecting protected in Spain is the main aim of the ongoing VENENO NO project (LIFE08 NAT/E/000062). […]

RSPB Energy Partnership with Scottish & Southern Energy to Close

The RSPB have just announced they are closing down their Energy scheme which is a partnership with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) from 31st March. The RSPB have provided the following reason for this about turn – It is essential that new wind farms and other renewable energy schemes are located away from important wildlife […]

Table of Scottish Raptors found Poisoned, Shot or Trapped 1989-2011

In view of the interest in the table of Scottish Estate owners who have signed a statement condemning the use of poison to kill raptors in Scotland, Raptor Politics has now added a table of Estates and Regions in Scotland where raptor poisoning, shooting and trapping has been recorded since 1989. Raptor Politics accept that […]

Two buzzards shot in separate incidents in the West Midlands

The RSPCA has described the shooting of two buzzards in the West Midlands as totally irresponsible and are appealing for information about the incidents; both birds sustained such serious injuries that they had to be put to sleep. An x-ray revealed that one of the buzzards was literally peppered with gunshot pellets.


Suppress the truth by shooting the messenger

[singlepic id=295 w=200 h=200 float=left]This year Natural England announced changes to their licensing policy for Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland after claiming too many duplicate and uncoordinated nest visits were being undertaken in the area, in particular on moorland owned by United Utilities Plc. This excuse is the old chestnut and has been used in the […]

Why birds crash into wind turbines

[singlepic id=296 w=300 h=198 float=right]Professor Graham Martin at the University of Birmingham said large birds of prey and sea birds are particularly vulnerable to crashing into man made structures. “There are some studies that definitely show that sizeable numbers of birds will get clobbered by wind turbines in particular locations,” he said.


Two Peregrines found poisoned in Motherwell

[singlepic id=237 w=358 h=320 float=right]Motherwell police are investigating the deaths of two Peregrine Falcons which were poisoned with strychnine.The bodies of the dead peregrine falcons were found on separate occasions in the same spot at Coursington Tower, Motherwell, at 7am on February 16. The second body was discovered the next day in the same location […]

Natural England exposé coming here soon!

[singlepic id=294 w=320 h=240 float=right]Get the skinny on how this government quango operates in a totally biased and unethical way when it comes to licensing raptor workers in Bowland. Some words you might well be seeing are: duplicitous, morally bankrupt, disingenuous, vindictive, arrogant and plain stupid. Also ‘questions in the house’.

Thanks are due to […]