Estonia: Real time camera feed:White-tailed eagle forest feeding station

[singlepic id=290w=450 h=385 float=left]If you are around each day between 07.00 – 15.00, have a look at the real time video feed from the White-tailed eagle feeding station in Estonia. You could just be fortunate enough to see beautiful pictures!  Be aware because of the thousands of followers to this site EACH DAY, if you leave it too late towards the end of the day you may find it difficult to connect to the site, be patient.   On left hand log in page look for, (Winter-White-tailed Eagles Camera, click at “live stream”. )

This new link below will take you to Norwegian White-tailed eagles

3 comments to Estonia: Real time camera feed:White-tailed eagle forest feeding station

  • We have been routine visitors to this site for the past 2 years (the winter cam, as well as the nest cams for both White-tailed Sea Eagle and Lesser Spotted Eagle). We wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee to the sights/sounds of the eagles. You will even see Golden Eagles feeding as well! A “MUST BOOKMARK” for all raptor lovers!

  • Mike Price

    It took me a few days to catch a sea eagle on cam but I was treated to a fox as well at the feed site.

    Thanks for sharing the link

    • Terry Pickford

      Hi Mike, I was up early this morning as Estonia is 2 hours ahead, I was very fortunate. When I logged on there were two sea eagles, one adult female and a sub adult male feeding on the carcas. After several minutes one fox followed by a second came into the frame and attempted to get into the action, no luck there the larger eagle attacked the first fox, the second ran off. The interesting thing I noticed both foxes appeared to be infected with “Mange” on their tailes. After about fifteen minutes every bird flew off including all the ravens which had been pulling the eagle tails to distract them. Then a few minutes later a large black dog with a red coller ran into the centre frame and began to eat the meat. The dog then picked up a large animal jaw bone and began to play with it in the snow, all very entertaining.

      Several years ago I was filming white-tailed eagles in Poland at a large food dump in the forest. One night the 50 kg of wild boar meat I had just placed there that day was all removed in one evening by a pack of wolves. Unfortunately the pack for some reason never returned. What a pity.