New Wildlife Officer appointed for Lancashire

Raptor Politics would like to extend a cautious welcome to the new wildlife officer, Mark Thomas, appointed to oversee wildlife matters for Lancashire Constabulary in what is now a civilian post.

Why cautious? Well, firstly he shares his surname with the less than popular (except with shooting estate owners) outgoing officer, Duncan Thomas. Secondly, he comes from a rural background of farming and gamekeeping

I know the above is going to make a lot of you roll your eyes when you read it, but let’s remember that ‘because some doesn’t mean all’, also that this site owes a debt of gratitude to several gamekeepers who have supported it both morally and financially. So, let’s wish Mark Thomas success in his new post, and hope that, in the future, raptor workers won’t be wasting their time when they report incidents of persecution to the Lancashire Police.

More details – Lancashire Police News and photo

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