Cumbrian Pub Plotters Plan to Shoot Red Kites

[singlepic id=204w=358 h=236 float=left]Human stupidity should never come as a surprise, but when you hear about the interesting and exciting news in the previous report published by Raptor Politics where 21 million pounds of financial benefit to the Galloway community resulting from the reintroduction of Red Kites in South West Scotland the following detail should make us all ashamed.

Just two weeks ago several residents of Grizebeck, a small rural community close to the west coast of Cumbria were overheard plotting while having a drink in their local pub the Greyhound, to shoot red kites this year. 30 Red kites were reintroduced into Cumbria by the Forestry Commission in August last year after an absence of over 200 years from the county resulting from human ignorance, intolerance and persecution. 

Raptor Politics reported last year that one of the 30 Cumbrian reintroduced kites had already been found shot to death in the upper Dent Valley near the North Yorkshire boarder. It was disappointing that following a police investigation of this particular crime together with the shooting several years previously of a raven at the same location no one was ever prosecuted for either crime.  To read about this story follow this link:

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Such illegal activity is bad enough but when we learn that members of a community are going out of their way to undermine and destroy what can only be of significant financial benefit to each and every resident within that community this is totally deplorable. Raptor Politics now intend to pass the details of what we have learned to the Cumbrian Constabulary in the hope of identifying who the pub plotters may have been.

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