New Wildlife Officer appointed for Lancashire

Raptor Politics would like to extend a cautious welcome to the new wildlife officer, Mark Thomas, appointed to oversee wildlife matters for Lancashire Constabulary in what is now a civilian post.

Why cautious? Well, firstly he shares his surname with the less than popular (except with shooting estate owners) outgoing officer, Duncan Thomas. Secondly, he […]

Kielder Forest Goshawks:Bloodlines Investigated.

Goshawk chicks in Kielder Water and Forest Park are providing DNA samples to uncover more about their bloodlines in the Northumberland wilderness.[singlepic id=289w 300 h=320 220 float=left]


Cumbrian Pub Plotters Plan to Shoot Red Kites

[singlepic id=204w=358 h=236 float=left]Human stupidity should never come as a surprise, but when you hear about the interesting and exciting news in the previous report published by Raptor Politics where 21 million pounds of financial benefit to the Galloway community resulting from the reintroduction of Red Kites in South West Scotland the following detail should […]

Galloway Red Kite trail ‘worth £21m’

[singlepic id=152w=900 h=577 float=left]The red kite trail was set up after the birds were re-introduced to the south west of Scotland . A new report has claimed visitors to a wildlife project in south west Scotland have put at least £21m into the local economy in the past six years.