Poland’s State Forests-A “Natural Wealth” belonging to Every Citizen

The following statement was made in 2004 by the General Director of Poland’s State Forests, in celebration of 80 years’ management of resources by the “State Forests” National Forest Holdings: This statement clearly shows the difference in our Government’s policy towards our state forests compared to those policies being adopted by the Polish Government. We feel the last sentence is very significant to the on going public consultation.

 “Our forests are exceptional in Europe, not only due to their natural character, but mainly because of their common accessibility. It enables us, as foresters, to treat the Polish forests as a great gift for Europe, especially in the year of Poland’s accession to the European Community. For 80 years the State Forests have been treating these habitats as a natural wealth, an integral and common good belonging to every citizen. Let it remain this way.

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  • John Miles

    I hope nobody reading this voted for such a shower in this country. Lets start a campaign to get rid of the ‘crown jewels’. Nobody would miss them sitting in old tower in the slum called London