Wind Farm – Planning Loophole

There is growing concern that a possible relationship exists between the illegal culling of protected Birds of Prey in a number of locations where approvals have been granted to sight wind farms. One example is the application for the installation of the Dunmaglass wind farm in Scotland. Although it is well known this grouse shooting moor held a number of viable eagle territories within the recent past, the wind farm company successfully argued because breeding golden eagles were no longer present and therefore failed to meet the criterion requirments of breeding pairs, the application was granted.

It may be just a coincidence but there is a strong suspicion breeding eagles in this location may have been removed just to facilitate the application’s success. This is another worrying trend which could result in many additional wind farm applications being passed once these areas have been cleared of all protected raptors.

Roy Dennis recently commented sarcastically “how well we carry out the conservation of nature and natural ecosystems in Scotland, the UK and Europe.” Not very impressive was Roy’s short answer. Roy claimed his view was supported by the appalling decision at New Year to give the go-ahead to the Dunmaglass wind farm positioned in the heart of the Monadhliaths, (an area regarded as a Golden Eagle hot spot by conservationists.) Roy then went on to point out that both “Cullen” and “Strathy”, the two young golden eagles from the Strathspey area were both presently located in that area along with other younger eagles – the reason according to Roy being that the Monadhliath Mountains is prime golden eagle habitat with an excellent prey base, including blue hare, rabbit and red grouse. It was Roy Dennis’s view that Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the Scottish Government failed to protect this important region as a Special Protection Area (SPA) because the number of adult pairs of eagle did not reach the criterion (and that was due to illegal persecution in some parts of the range), so strong opposition to the wind farm failed and another wild area for nature is ruined claims Roy.

3 comments to Wind Farm – Planning Loophole

  • John Miles

    No wonder the Mafia are involved with investing in wind farm Businesses. There is so much easy money at stake. This country no longer belongs to us.

  • nirofo

    How strange it’s taken so long to have a suspicion that Raptors are being removed, (or is that exterminated) from potential windfarm sites, especially when these sites also happen to be prime grouse moors!!! Funny thing is it’s not only grouse moors where this is happening, the north of Scotland is rife with it.


  • Circus maximus

    Here is an interesting one to chew over….
    During the planning/environmental assessment process that takes place in the run up to these developments the applicants are required to carry out collision risk forecasting. If the wind turbines are likely to kill too many specilly protected birds then the application might be turned down.
    However, this way of looking at the issue is based on the old planning/ wildlife laws which said that it was acceptable to accidently kill a specially protected bird as the result of a legal activity. This is no longer the case.
    So why, when these guys stand up in public inquiries and announce that they will only kill 2 pergrines one eagle and a hen harrier every five years, are they not had up for conspiricy to kill specially protected birds???