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barrie smails


i see im not allowed to make a comment on averys resignation is that

because i dont support the increase in the raptor population .it wont

surprise me if you dont reply but thats what i,d expect from deaf ears

.even tho ive used my real name on the original post


Wind Farm – Planning Loophole

There is growing concern that a possible relationship exists between the illegal culling of protected Birds of Prey in a number of locations where approvals have been granted to sight wind farms. One example is the application for the installation of the Dunmaglass wind farm in Scotland. Although it is well known this grouse shooting […]

Peregrine Egg Smuggler’s Sentence Cut by Appeal Court

Bird egg smuggler Jeffrey Lendrum’s prison sentence of 30 months has been reduced by the appeals court to just 18 months – what kind of message does this send to other potential wildlife criminals we wonder? Lendrum was arrested at Birmingham International Airport while waiting for a flight to the Middle East last year.