Save our Forests from falling into Private Ownership – Petition

Raptor Politics has been asked to bring to the notice of all our readers details of a petition to save our forests. As we all know the government is planning to sell off all our forests. The more of us that sign this important petition the better, please tell your friends. Together we can send […]

One Gamekeeper Convicted, a Second Charged Released on Bail.

A Herefordshire game keeper has admitted 17 charges relating to killing protected species using poisoned bait. A second gamekeeper has been suspended by his employer after police charged the man with a number of firearm offences and one additional charge of killing a protected bird.


Scotland’s Bird of prey Killing Hot Spots Identified.

A map of Scotland detailing where birds of prey have been poisoned has been hailed as a significant step in the fight against wildlife crime. It is the first record of confirmed poisonings recognised by both the wildlife lobby and landowners, who have disputed the scale of the problem.

Areas within Midlothian, the Borders, the […]

Italy and Spain fight to Prevent the Poisoning of Carnivores & Scavenging Raptors

One of the most serious threat in parts of Italy and Spain for the conservation of large carnivores like bear, wolf and scavenging raptors like egyptian vulture, red kite and lammergeier is represented by the illegal use of poison. A new project called the LIFE+ ANTIDOTO is being initiated in the Gran Sasso e […]

Proposed Government Forestry sell-off.

[singlepic id=277 w=320 h=240 float=right]The Government have just announced updated plans regarding their proposed sell-off to the private sector of parts of England’s forests. Currently in England 18% of Forests are state owned representing a quarter of a million hectares. However the Government received a shock when 75% of individuals in England were opposed to […]

A word of advice …

[singlepic id=276 w=200 h=200 float=left] … to those of you using your employers email systems to correspond with Raptor Politics: in so doing you incur liabilities on your employer under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts. If we don’t like what you write then requests will be made – have your explanations ready! […]

The Killing Fields by Rob Edwards

The following article by Rob Edwards has now been published in the Scottish Herald this morning and will be of interest to our readers. Its a follow up to what Rob wrote in yesterdays Herald. Sad reading.

Damming Hen Harrier Report Leaked by the Press

It comes as no surprise to learn this morning that the damming hen harrier report has now been leaked despite moves to prevent its publication. This document has now been published in the public interest.

Fish Fight!

Outside of our remit, I know, but please indulge me on this. Vast quantities of fish are being thrown back dead into the sea after being caught. This is a shocking waste, but nothing is being done to ease the situation – for which I guess we can thank the EU. Please consider signing-up at […]

Vicarious liability in Scotland Moves to Stage 3

For those of our readers who have been following moves in the Scottish Parliament to agree new legislation making sporting landowners responsible for the illegal persecution of raptors on their property, the following information will be of huge interest. Many of our readers have already contacted the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs & Environment Committee praising […]