Songbird Survival charity’s £88,000 funding to cull Crows and Magpies

£88,000 in funding provided by the Songbird Survival charity will help Scientists undertake a cull of crows and magpies to find out whether they are wiping out the nation’s songbirds. A dramatic decline in farm and woodland birds over the past 50 years may be linked, the charity claims, to rising numbers of avian predators. […]

Conservative Proposals to sell England’s State Forests – An Important Public Asset paid for with “The Tax Payer’s Money”.

Important message to all our English Readers.

This Wednesday there is a crunch vote in Parliament. Your MP will be asked to vote on a motion demanding a rethink of plans to sell our national forests. Yesterday at Grizdale Forest in the English Lake District a rally attended by several hundred anti sell-off protesters were […]