Major Setback for German White-tailed eagle Recovery- 4 eagles poisoned.

[singlepic id=193w=314 h=235 float=left]The WWF is offering  a 5000 Euro reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for poisoning  White-tailed eagles in Northern Germany. The fourWhite-tailed eagles were all found poisoned near the village of  Ostholstein Gothe. The cause of death has now been confirmed as poisoning.

It has now been established all four eagles had been poisoned with Mevinphos. This insecticide is banned in the EU since 2007, in Germany since 1990.

NABU President Oscar Klose was appalled at these latest poisoning incidents: “The poisoning cases in the region represent a major setback for breeding eagles, especially since one of the adult birds found poisoned was one of a breeding pair which had only recently established a breeding territory in this region. The loss of this bird is a tragedy. The bird had been a regular daily visitor at the nearby lake Klenzauer. Many of the local bird lovers have gained unforgettable memories of this bird fishing in the lake. “We hope that law enforcement authorities will catch who ever is responsible and  quickly bring an end to these crimes,” said Klose.

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Read more at NABU Schleswig-Holstein (sorry, Google translation)

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  • paul williams

    Does putting poisons on moorlands to rid that area of birds of prey not effect our water supply?