Italy and Spain fight to Prevent the Poisoning of Carnivores & Scavenging Raptors

One of the most serious threat in parts of Italy and Spain for the conservation of large carnivores like bear, wolf and scavenging raptors like egyptian vulture, red kite and lammergeier is represented by the illegal use of poison. A new project called the LIFE+ ANTIDOTO is being initiated in the Gran Sasso e […]

Proposed Government Forestry sell-off.

[singlepic id=277 w=320 h=240 float=right]The Government have just announced updated plans regarding their proposed sell-off to the private sector of parts of England’s forests. Currently in England 18% of Forests are state owned representing a quarter of a million hectares. However the Government received a shock when 75% of individuals in England were opposed to […]