Songbird Survival charity’s £88,000 funding to cull Crows and Magpies

£88,000 in funding provided by the Songbird Survival charity will help Scientists undertake a cull of crows and magpies to find out whether they are wiping out the nation’s songbirds. A dramatic decline in farm and woodland birds over the past 50 years may be linked, the charity claims, to rising numbers of avian predators. […]

Conservative Proposals to sell England’s State Forests – An Important Public Asset paid for with “The Tax Payer’s Money”.

Important message to all our English Readers.

This Wednesday there is a crunch vote in Parliament. Your MP will be asked to vote on a motion demanding a rethink of plans to sell our national forests. Yesterday at Grizdale Forest in the English Lake District a rally attended by several hundred anti sell-off protesters were […]

Winter White-tailed eagle Estonian Web Cam

Raptor politics has just been notified of a web cam estblished in Estonia overlooking a White-tailed eagle and wild boar forest feeding station. Follow the attached link to view the activities which are available from this site .

Follow this additional link to White-tailed eagle TV, here you can watch 21 individual videos showing […]

Major Setback for German White-tailed eagle Recovery- 4 eagles poisoned.

[singlepic id=193w=314 h=235 float=left]The WWF is offering a 5000 Euro reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for poisoning White-tailed eagles in Northern Germany. The fourWhite-tailed eagles were all found poisoned near the village of Ostholstein Gothe. The cause of death has now been confirmed as poisoning.


Sporting estate ‘yellow cards’ for bird poisoning

Shooting rights on Scotland’s sporting estates will be suspended if persistent evidence of illegal bird poisoning is discovered on them, under radical proposals being voted on by MSPs. An amendment is being tabled to legislation being considered by Holyrood that will allow ministers to issue a ‘yellow card’ to those estates where there is a […]

Raptor Persecution Finally Put to Flight?

[singlepic id=212w=314 h=235 float=left]The last couple of weeks has seen a plethora of information, exposure, accusations and denials associated with the now well aired subject of raptor persecution. It has to be said that Scottish Government initiatives are leading the way in many respects contrasted against its southern counterpart.


Announcement: Will the gentleman …

… currently experiencing difficulties with his email account please supply us with another address to contact him? We have unfinished business ….

James Marchington’s Blog – Hen Harriers

James Marchington’s most recent blog not surprisingly is all about the hen harrier and we feel what he has to say is well worth a read, if only to understand the views of the shooting fraternity. This is one guy involved in shooting who appears to be promoting a sensible attitude towards raptors and therefore […]

Derbyshire Peak Newswatch 2010 Report

We invite our readers to follow the attached link, the details within this report are sickening but are nothing new. The report compiled by members of the South Peak Raptor Group graphically highlights the continued plight of raptors in the Upper Derwent Valley, in particular the peregrine and goshawk. This detail to those of us […]

Geltsdale Reserve – Northern Pennines

[singlepic id=280w=314 h=235 float=left]Geltsdale is one of the best reserve in upland Britain where there has been a massive expansion in numbers of Black Grouse compared to a decline of 66% on other Red Grouse moorlands in England. This tells a very important story.