Escaped Bald Eagle on the loose in Preston, Lancashire

Hi the Bald Eagle has left Haslam Park, he has been spottted in Masonwood Fulwood, Please keep liking and sharing as it is obviously not wild and may not survive without proper care.
This is a photo taken this afternoon in haslam Park. We need to trace the owner, possibly escaped from the Skipton bird of prey centre?

Update: Eagle just been recaptured



bald eagle 3

Red Kite found dead on Ilkley moor


The red kite featured in the three attached images was found dead yesterday (19-03-2018) on Ilkley moor by a walker. The incident has now been reported to the appropriate organisation who have arranged to collect the corpse later this morning and send the body for toxicology examination. At this point in time we do not know the cause of the kites death and therefore must not speculate until these tests have been completed.

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Prosecution of Forest of Bowland gamekeeper.

On Wednesday 14 March a third hearing of this case took place under the direction of a Judge at Preston Magistrates court. Wednesdays hearing was convened to debate the admissibility or otherwise of evidence in respect to this important prosecution. Just to remind everyone the gamekeeper had been charged with 9 offences under the Countryside and Wildlife act 1981, which included the alleged killing of two Peregrine Falcons at the nesting territory depicted below.


Bowland peregrine territory photographed in 2008 containing abandoned eggs, where in April 2016 two adult falcons were allegedly killed.

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BBC One Inside Out: Catch Up: Disappearances of Peregrines from Derbyshire White-Peak.

Peregrine Hatching

This ground nest  was subjected to a robbery when the two larger female chicks were removed from the nest at 3 weeks old.

Now available for a limited period watch this broadcast on BBC One Catch Up

The Inside Out programme broadcast last night can be accessed on Catch Up by following the link we have provided

Last night (12/03/22018) BBC East Midlands feature on the  ‘Inside Out’ programme  an ongoing  investigation into the disappearance of peregrine falcons from established nests located in Derbyshire’s  White Peak. Seemingly these robberies have been taking place over several years at specific nesting sites in the White Peak, but to date no one has been brought to justice.

Before being able to access the programme you will need to register, very simple.

To begin watching the peregrine broadcast scroll across to the right hand side of the screen to 21 minutes.

Live webcams 5th Update: 2nd Pair of White-tailed Eagle lays first egg today

WHITE-TAILED EAGLE, Latvia live webcam above. 

To activate the feed to the live webcam in Latvia, click on the red diamond in the centre of the image.


First egg laid today 24-03-2018 by Latvian pair of White-tailed Eagles. Female stands sentinel on nest.

Estonia, live webcam link below

Second live webcam overlooking  the nest in Estonia. First egg laid at this nesting site was on 20-03-2018. The second egg was laid 22-03-2018.  To view this site go to second WTE link below: The link takes a few seconds to load, click on live feed if using a PC. Select Ipad if using this medium to view live feel.


Snow covering Estonia nest on the morning of 20-03-2018 containing the first egg.


Male eagle at Estonia nest just about to cover 2 eggs. Second egg laid overnight 22-03-2018. Both adult birds seem very excited, calling regularly in the morning.

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More bad news from Africa – 87 vultures poisoned to death in Mozambique


Only one week ago we reported on the latest mass-poisoning of vultures in Africa, when 75 vultures and 6 lions were found poisoned in Tanzania. Barely 7 days later, and one day after the world marked the world wildlife day, we are saddened to report another mass-poisoning case of vultures: 87 vultures were found dead in Mozambique.

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New paper: Antibiotics found in carcasses left in vulture supplementary feeding sites in Portugal

Antibiotics have been beneficial for human and animal health. However, an excessive use in livestock and a deficient management of the carcasses that are deposited in supplementary feeding sites can lead to adverse effects in the scavengers that ingest them, as some antibiotics can have adverse impacts on vultures.

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Cyprus: Marsh Harrier shot with arrow

Birds of prey falling victims to reckless behaviours

It’s always disheartening to see birds fall victim to wildlife crime, especially when these birds of prey are born to reign the skies. In the last months a series of illegal bird killing incidents have come to our attention with victims including two Bonelli’s Eagles, a Hen Harrier, a Common Buzzard, a Griffon Vulture and a Marsh Harrier.

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Another Hen Harrier ‘Marc’ goes missing

Durham Constabulary and the RSPB are appealing for information following the disappearance of a satellite-tagged hen harrier near Middleton-in-Teesdale. The harrier, named Marc, was one of a nest of two chicks tagged as part of the EU-funded Hen Harrier LIFE+ project in July this year from a nest in the Scottish Borders.

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Justice for Hen Harriers!


We need your support to challenge the English government to do more, and do the right things, for a persecuted bird, the Hen Harrier.

Hen Harriers are wonderful birds which are in danger of disappearing from England. The reason is simple: illegal persecution on grouse moors (because they eat Red Grouse that people want to shoot for fun). Cracking down on this wildlife crime is the key to giving the Hen Harrier a better future in our country, but the Westminster government is doing far too little about that.

Last week Mark Avery launched a Crowdfunding campaign aimed at initiating a Judicial Review of Natural England’s decision to issue a licence enabling brood management to go ahead in England.

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