Fife sea eagle chick gets set to fly the nest

White-tailed eagle together with nestling. Courtesy of Terry Pickford

A white-tailed sea eagle chick that hatched in a Forest Enterprise Scotland wood in Fife has been tagged and ringed in advance of its first flight away from the nest. This chick is the latest fledgling from the East […]

Sea eagle found in Loch Arkaig chick nearly dies after swallowing fishing hooks

The six week old male bird underwent an emergency operation after being rescued from Loch Arkaig, Lochaber by a wildlife officer. The 6-week old chick had eaten fish hooks and was entangled in the lines, which were still attached. A SEA eagle chick has been saved from a “slow and horrible” death after […]

Fife White-tailed eagles pair raise two chicks for the first time

Two white-tailed eagle chicks have successfully hatched from a nest in Fife, it was announced yesterday. It is the third year running that this pair of white-tailed eagles has nested in Forestry Commission Scotland woodland in Fife, with this year bringing the arrival of two chicks for the first time. […]

White-tailed Sea Eagles providing a multi million pound boost to the Isle of Skye economy

Sea eagles are boosting tourism on Skye

Sea eagles have boosted business from tourists by £2.4million on Skye, with around 200 jobs now supported by wildlife tourism. According to a survey carried out by RSPB Scotland, wildlife tourism on the isle generated more than £4.2million between August 2013 and October […]

The White-tailed sea eagle soaring high reaching 100 breeding pairs in Scotland

Island of the Sea Eagles, the Guardian Tuesday 26 May

Britain’s biggest bird of prey is back from extinction and thriving on Mull. It’s great news for wildlife tourists, but the sheep farmers are yet to be convinced. With wings like planks and a meat-cleaver for a beak, the white-tailed eagle fixes its eyeballs (twice as large as ours) on the boat. Taking great scoops […]

Poisoned White-tailed Eagle found dead in nest in Connemara

The female eagle was released in Killarney National Park in 2009 (Pic: Dermot Breen, National Parks & Wildlife Service)

The Golden Eagle Trust, Ireland Press Release.

A White-tailed Eagle has been found dead in the nest at a nest site in Connemara. The six year old […]

White-tailed eagle attacks on livestock to be logged in Scotland’s West Highlands

A project to record all reported incidents of attacks on livestock by the white-tailed eagle is to be introduced in the West Highlands. The sea-eagle management scheme is being established in response to growing numbers of complaints from farmers that white-tailed eagles, which were reintroduced to Scotland in the 1970s, are killing lambs. One farmer […]

New Sea Eagle Management Scheme launched for 2015

A new scheme has been introduced this in year in Scotland to continue support for livestock farmers and crofters experiencing impacts across the sea eagle breeding range. The sea eagle management scheme will be managed by local stakeholder groups set up across the sea eagle range and administered, on their behalf, […]

Sea eagle found dead on Mull following treatment for a broken wing & leg; was the release on Mull the correct thing to do?

Kellan hatched on the isle of Mull in 2010 A sub adult White-tailed eagle has been found dead on the Isle of Mull after being treated and then released on the island after sustaining a broken wing and leg. The body of the four-year-old male, known as Kellan, was discovered by a hillwalker over […]