The “silent killer” decimates Andean condors in Argentina – at least 34 poisoned in the mountains of Mendoza

The Vulture Multi-species Action Plan (Vulture MsAP), approved recently in the conference of the parties of the Convention for Migratory Species – a global strategic blueprint identifying priorities and actions to conserve 15 species of old world vultures – says it clearly: (illegal) poison with poisoned baits (often against predators of […]

Bearded vultures in the French Pyrenees safer from disturbance from helicopter overflights

The Parc National des Pyrenees, conservation NGOs and the French electricity company EDF signed a new collaboration protocol that will minimize disturbance by helicopter flights to the breeding pairs of this rare vulture species in the department of the Haute-Pyrenees. […]

With more snowstorms coming to the Alps this week, bearded vultures are… breeding!

As yet another storm is about to dump very heavy snow in the Alps, bearded vultures there gallantly ignore the cold, the snow and the ice to go about their business – which at this time of the year means breeding!


An European vulture in Mauritania – and an African one in Spain

Last month some Dutch birdwatchers recorded a young cinereous vulture at Iouik (Iwik), which is located in the Banc d’Arguin National Park, north-western Mauritania. The bird was wearing a yellow colour ring, so most likely from Spain. The bird was photographed with two other scavengers, a griffon vulture and a […]

New paper: eggshell thickness from bearded vulture eggs from the Pyrenees decreased abruptly after 2004

Shell thickness of bearded vulture eggs from the period 1989 to 2012 (collected from nests after breeding failure and/or fledging) was compared with eggs collected from 1858 to 1911 (and now held in European museums) by Mauro Hernandez and colleagues. Their results, just published on Science of the […]

Two griffons born in Amsterdam zoo transported to Sardinia to restock the wild population

Two young griffon vultures bred in captivity in Amsterdam Zoo will soon be released in Sardinia, as part of the LIFE Under Griffon Wings there.


29 eggs and counting – busy period in the bearded vulture captive breeding network!

By the 3rd of January a total of 29 eggs had been laid in the bearded vulture captive breeding network – managed by the VCF under the auspices of the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria). This compares with 30 eggs laid last year on the same date. Most of the eggs have […]

Top stories from 2017 from the Vulture Conservation Foundation.

The VCF website and social media channels bring you almost every day the latest news about the VCF projects, or vulture conservation in Eurasia. They are one of the best sources of information on Europe´s vultures – the charismatic bearded vulture, being reintroduced across Europe in several VCF projects, the declining Egyptian vulture, which […]

Another 22 griffon vultures sent from Spain for reintroduction in Bulgaria

On the 19th of December 2017, a group of 22 griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus)started their travel from Extremadura (Spain) to Bulgaria for a reintroduction project in the Stara Planina Mountains.


Another NSAID turns out to be lethal to vultures – in the meantime diclofenac is still being sold in Europe!

Griffon vultures feeding. © G. Jiménez García The effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on vultures has been the subject of several studies and lines of research following the ecological disaster caused by the NSAID Diclofenac on South Asia´s vulture populations. Despite the wide range of compounds belonging to this family of drugs available […]