Black vultures continue to increase in Mallorca – 2017 was again a record breeding year

The black vulture population of Mallorca, currently the only insular population of this species in the world, continues to grow at a good pace. In the last ten years the growth curve has suffered a significant increase. Productivity and reproductive success have also increased. […]

Bearded vulture Adonis, the great traveler, is back in the Grands Causses!

Adonis – the great traveler, is back home – it has been seen in the Grands Causses, where it was released in 2014 as part of the reintroduction project there – now managed under the LIFE GYPCONNECT project. […]

Tragic end for a Balkan Egyptian vulture – killed in Niger for bushmeat

The LIFE Return of the Neophron project has tagged a number of adult and young Egyptian vultures from the Balkans, to track their migration and identify threats along the flyway. […]

1st egg of the 2017-2018 breeding season in the Bearded vulture captive breeding network

The first egg of the season in the bearded vulture captive breeding network (EEP) was laid last weekend by a female in the Richard Faust specialized captive breeding network in Haringsee, Austria, run jointly by the VCF and the Austrian NGO EGS. […]

First release of critically endangered captive-bred vultures in Nepal

Releasing captive-bred endangered vultures for reintroduction and restocking is now a common conservation tool in Europe – the VCF has been coordinating several successful bearded vulture reintroduction projects based on releases of captive-bred birds from our captive-breeding network. We have also been supporting black vulture reintroduction projects in France, in which […]

Griffon vultures die electrocuted in the Italian Eastern Alps

As the recently approved Vulture Multi-species Action Plan (MsAP) – a blueprint of role world conservation across Eurasia -, electrocution is an important threat to vultures (and other species) worldwide. […]

Anti-poisoning dog unit from LIFE Grifone key to first ever judicial prosecution of a large-scale poisoning incident in Sardinia

Poison is the main threat to vultures worldwide, as identified in the Vulture multi-Species Action Plan, a comprehensive strategic document that highlights priority for action for the conservation of 15 species of old world´s vultures, and that was recently adopted by the signatories of the Convention for Migratory […]

The status of Egyptian Vulture in Armenia – 50 + pairs

Details about the distribution and population size of the Egyptian vulture in Armenia have recently been published in the Atlas on Breeding Birds of Armenia, a project led by Armenian NGO Armenian Bird Census TSE.


The “silent killer” decimates vultures in the heart of Europe – at least 15 griffons poisoned in the mountains of Granada, Spain/

The “silent killer” decimates vultures in the heart of Europe – at least 15 griffons poisoned in the mountains of Granada

The Vulture Multi-species Action Plan (Vulture MsAP), approved recently in the conference of the parties of the Convention for Migratory Species – a global strategic blueprint identifying priorities and actions to conserve 15 […]

Bearded vultures – and the LIFE GYP CONNECT– on the big screen – and in your living room

The tv channel ARTE – available on many cable packages – will air a spectacular documentary on the reintroduction of the bearded vulture in the Pre-Alps and the Grands Causses, and our own project LIFE GYPCONNECT, this Saturday 19th November at 20h (Central European Time), in the programme 360° GEO.