UK Wildlife crime unit faces the chop over funding crisis

Britain’s National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), which leads the fight against the burgeoning illegal wildlife trade, may be facing the axe. Concern is growing about the future of the widely praised unit, as the Home Office is refusing to agree its funding, which runs out on 31 March.

It would appear all gamekeepers are law-abiding […]

RSPB Campaign requesting £600,000 of public money to help save the Hen Harrier!

To say that I am furious is an understatement; I have today received an e-mail from the RSPB asking me personally for a donation of £25 to help them raise £600,000 to help save the Hen Harrier before 20th December. Where we’re they when we needed 100,000 signatures for our e-petition to get Vicarious […]

Report on poisoned birds of prey ‘depressing’, RSPB says

Four red kites were among birds of prey poisoned last year

RSPB Scotland has renewed its call for landowners and their staff in some parts of Scotland to do more to protect raptors from being killed illegally.


Protected birds of prey still being trapped and poisoned illegally throughout Scotland, charity claims.

Some of the country’s rarest birds of prey are continuing to be poisoned, trapped and killed illegally, according to an animal welfare charity.

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The last few Days to go for the Vicarious Liability E petition!!

It all started with great hope and here we are with less than 15 days to go with a tenth of the number of people needed [10,800] to push the commons to speak about the ‘British disease’. The Badger cull petition flew through the 100,000 barrier in a few weeks but no one cares about […]

Is it now time to adopt a more radical Strategy to bring about an end to Persecution?

Im somewhat concerned that some people are pinning their hopes on Vicarious Liability helping the cause against harrier persecution. All I see happening is employers urging their gamekeepers to be more cautious in the way they kill harriers in future.


Bird of prey poisonings highlighted by MPs

Hundreds of birds of prey are being deliberately killed each year with poisons that have no legal use, according to MPs. The Environmental Audit Committee says confusion over wildlife laws means criminals often escape unpunished. […]

Fury at minister’s ‘astounding’ refusal to ban deadly bird poison

Millionaire landowner – and Wildlife minister Richard Benyon MP – accused of putting wealthy friends before his parliamentary brief to protect wildlife. The Wildlife minister, Richard Benyon, has been accused of being “the gamekeeper’s friend” by refusing to outlaw a poison used by some to kill protected birds of prey on shooting estates.


Committee of MP’s urge Government action over Wildlife Crime.

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float=center] AS RSPB LAUNCHES INFORMATION APPEAL OVER POISONED BIRD OF PREY

The RSPB has today [Thursday 18 October, 2012] welcomed a committee of MPs’ challenge to the government to take action over the ‘systematic killing’ of birds of prey. The RSPB trusts the Government will implement the recommendations from the Environmental […]

Andre Farrar RSPB – The reasons the Society were unable to support Chrissie Harper’s Vicarious Liability e-petition.

As you all know I decided to launch an e-petition last November calling for this government to hold a debate in parliament to try and make all MP’s understand the urgency for bringing English Law relating to raptors and their protection into line with Scotland. For far too long sporting estate landowners have been turning […]