Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland, a complete ecosystem destroyed.

Mallowdale Pike.

In 2009 the resident gamekeeper took up new duties in Scotland. The following spring a pair of peregrines took up residence successfully rearing 2 chicks. The site has been abandoned

The abandonment of all known peregrine nesting territories (18-20 pairs) established in […]

UPDATE: Peregrines in the Forest of Bowland finally brought down by prejudice and misguided politics

Update 17:00 19:00, Thursday 21-04-2016:

One Forest of Bowland peregrine site confirmed occupied, but subjected to 2 hours disturbance.

We are now able to confirm the information provided by an RSPB officer on Saturday 16 April to 3 members of the North West Raptor Group , and to 2 […]

Should United Utilities offer a reward for information leading to a successful conviction of the person/s responsible for disappearances of the 5 hen harriers from their Bowland estate?

The RSPB are to be congratulated for funding a £10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful conviction of those criminals responsible for the killing of the 3 male hen harriers which disappeared from moorland in the Forest of Bowland owned by United Utilities Plc. We trust this offer will also include information […]

Driven Grouse Shooting Destroys Moorland Biodiversiy

There is no doubt in my mind the Hen Harrier is an iconic Bird of Prey, not least because it’s nearly extinct in England, but also because it’s a beautiful bird of prey, one that I had never seen in the wild before.

I decided I wanted to show my support for Hen Harrier day […]

Listen to the Hen Harrier Podcast on the Birders Against Wildlife Crime web site

We invite our followers to listen to the four recorded Podcasts which have been published by Birders Against Wildlife Crime on their web site during the past week or so. You will hear Charlie Moores a founder members of BAWC interviewing 4 different individuals about Hen Harrier and their persecution taking place on England’s upland […]

The Hen Harrier, can a compromise be reached with the shooting industry, or is a ban on Driven Grouse shooting the last option?

This season just two estates, one in Scotland’s borders at Langholm moor and a second estate in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland, has demonstrated the positive impact on the Hen Harrier when estate owners make a decision to protect Harriers instead of killing them. The total number of successful Harrier nests this summer in both regions […]

The Great English Hen Harrier Conspiracy.

Scientific research constantly reminds people of the fact their is sufficient suitable heather habitat in England to support between 220 -320 pairs of Hen Harriers. Yet, the bulk of England’s citizens are unaware that in 2012 only a single successful Hen Harrier nest was recorded throughout the whole of our country. Why are Hen Harriers […]

Raptor Monitoring, Gamekeeper’s letter published by the Shooting Times.

I have been a professional gamekeeper for 32 years, and for much of that time I have been a Schedule 1 licence holder assisting in the monitoring of raptors on the estate where I work.


Alleged Peregrine Disturbance – “Double Standards”

My name is Andy and for the past eight summers I have been working as a volunteer, protecting nesting peregrines at Warton Quarry, near Carnforth, Lancashire. I work as part of a dedicated civilian team. Although the RSPB Leighton Moss Nature Reserve is just a few miles north, at Silverdale, the Society has played no […]

‘Operation Bowland Raptor Rescue –Launching Spring 2013

Raptor conservation and protection throughout Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland is currently a complete shambles. Since Natural England declined to give disturbance licences for peregrines to the North West Raptor Group who have covered this region for the past 45 years, hen harrier have disappeared, and many historic peregrine territories have been found to be abandoned.