Stop the Scottish Government poisoning eagles.

In recent years I have been visiting the island of Islay due to its dramatic wildlife which is a big winter destination for many tourists to witness the 50,000+ geese that arrive mainly from Greenland, and the dramatic landscape of the island offering habitats for so many other birds especially eagles. Islay is the most […]

More discarded game birds discovered dumped after being shot, this time near Sheffield

Last evening we received the following images and detail showing more corpses of shot game birds including 2 pheasants and 3 duck which had been dumped and discarded behind a stone wall. What makes this discovery all the more abhorrent is the fact that after each of the birds had been shot the breast meat […]

Gamekeepers Disgraceful Wastage – surplus pheasant dumped.


This footage depicts the corpses of approximately 200 rotting pheasants, which had been shot before being dumped adjacent an open crow trap on a red grouse moor.


Imperial Iberian Eagle poisoned in ecological protection zone in Portugal

Eleven animals and birds have been poisoned in the Castro Verde ecological protection zone in the lower Alentejo, Portugal.

Among the birds found dead were endangered species including a rare Iberian imperial eagle and several Kites.


Vote now Birders’ Choice Awards 2016

The annual awards are now open! Answer the 10 questions below to make your opinion count. The awards are completely anonymous, but if you want to be entered into the prize draw, please do include your email address – this won’t be used for anything else. Voting closes on 30 November.…/1FAIpQLSdAL_Xr9N7NVeS5Kg…/viewform

Voting closes at […]

Ending cruelty to Scotland’s animals

Two things happened this week that will change the future of fox hunting in Scotland and, in turn, the rest of the UK. I wanted to share them with you because as a OneKind supporter, you’re helping make this happen.


Natural England: Buzzard licensing applications

Natural England recently issued a licence permitting the control of up to 10 buzzards to prevent serious damage to young pheasants. Natural England is currently considering 4 further applications for a licence to control buzzards to prevent damage to livestock.

Natural England is committed to being as […]

The cruelty behind the sport of game shooting.

With the partridge and pheasant hunting season now in full swing, Chris Rogers from Inside out London exposes the cruel breeding practices these game birds are subjected to. You will be sickened.

Driven Grouse Shooting: Parliamentary Debate: Submission of Evidence

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee and Petitions Committee:

TUESDAY 18 OCTOBER 2016 2:15pm

To watch this live from 2.15 pm Tuesday 18 th October via your PC, go to, then click Event Guide at the top of the page. Select (Tues 18 October), move across the page until you reach 2.00 […]

Romania bans trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves, lynx and wild cats

Romania has banned all trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves, lynx and wild cats in a surprise decision that gives Europe’s largest population of large carnivores a reprieve from its most severe and immediate threat.

In 2016, the largest hunting quotas yet gave hunters the mandate […]