The Short eared Owl in Britain

The Short-eared Owl is one of the most persecuted of the owls in Britain, because they breed mainly on upland heather moorland, bringing them into conflict with Red Grouse moorland managers and their gamekeepers. There is a massive wide range in expected breeding numbers from 200+ – 2500+ in a season which […]

Rat Poison again!

Bempton Cliffs RSPB visitor centre is an internationally important nature reserve in East Yorkshire and reopened after a £1.3m upgrade were the headlines in April 2015. The centre, which attracts about 76,000 people a year has the UK’s largest mainland seabird colony. These visitors are encouraged to come not just in the seabird breeding season […]

Short-eared owl and Kestrel interaction

Wonderful capture last week by Phil Boardman of a short-eared owl interacting with a kestrel at Lunt Meadows, Sefton (A Mossman production) . You are able to follow Phil on Flickr at

The Barn Owl is really suffering to locate food this winter

With still several weeks still to go before this winter is over Barn owls are showing signs of a shortage of food. With continuous rain and flooding even ‘Winterwatch’ claimed that even mice populations were crashing in many part of Britain. Disappointingly the presenters of this programme did not raise the connection with so […]

A short-eared owl airlifted to safety after landing on North sea oil rig

An exhausted short-eared owl has been given a lift in a helicopter after flying more than 100 miles to an off-shore oil rig. The bird crash-landed on a North Sea platform last Wednesday and was looked after by crew members who found it. The short-eared owl was then flown back to land and taken […]