The Final Phase of Scotland’s White-tailed Eagle Reintroduction Project comes to an end this week.

How long before the White-tailed Eagle moves into England?

Copy Right: Image courtesy of Terry Pickford

The release of the last six White-tailed eaglets this week at a secret location in Fife in eastern Scotland brings the final phase of this important Reintroduction Project to a conclusion. The new releases bring the total number […]

The first purpose-built golden eagle observatory open to the public on the Isle of Harris

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One of Raptor Politics regular followers from the Czech Republic Otto Zavalsky has informed us that he feels depressed after reading about all the persecution of raptors within […]

Golden Eagle Breeding Survey Skye and Raasay 2012

2012 continued the downward trend of recent years with the poorest breeding season for Skye’s Golden Eagles since 1984. Only 8 young have fledged from 7 successful nests. Whilst the number of range holding pairs remains fairly constant, the numbers of pairs attempting to breed has fallen markedly. The long very wet winter was probably […]

British Farming Forum – Sea Eagle being blamed for everything.

I’ve been reading this thread on the British Farming Forum. Wasn’t expecting a very informed or factual debate given previous efforts on that forum but I think you’ll agree that lines have been crossed here with calls for the illegal killing of this protected species.



Three Golden Eagle found dead in Scotland during the past three weeks,we ask what is going on, and can the situation become any worst?

A leaked report is now saying a Golden Eagle was recently found dead on the island of Harris; if toxicology tests confirm the bird had been poisoned, this will bring the total number of Golden Eagles illegally poisoned in Scotland during the last three weeks to 3. Can things really get any worst we ask? […]

Nothing left to kill!!

Raptor politics are running out of stories due to the fact that most Red Grouse moors have removed so much ‘vermin- birds of prey’ that they have nothing left to kill!


Sea-eagle control licences likely to be almost impossible to obtain!

[singlepic id=264 w=153 h=250 float= left] And we thought we had heard it all when the Under Secretary for State in England Richard Benyon proposed controlling buzzards. The fact that control of sea eagles is even being discussed will appaul a huge number of people, not only throughout the UK but across the world, what […]

When Eagles Dared!

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float= left] A NEW STUDY SHOWS EAGLES ONCE SPREAD THEIR WINGS OVER ENGLAND TOO Eagles would once have soared widely across English skies, but they disappeared at the hands of man: that’s a key finding from a new study looking at the historic distribution of Britain and Ireland’s two largest birds […]

Two More White-tailed eagles found poisoned in the Irish Republic

The Southern Irish Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has condemned the apparent poisoning of white-tailed sea eagles in Mayo and Donegal.

The young Mayo eagle, which had been released in Killarney National Park in 2010, was found dead on the shores of Lough Beltra after a tag showed it was not moving.


SEA eagles are wreaking havoc with wildlife on Mull, according to some islanders.

The successful breeding of 15 pairs of eagles and 11 chicks has brought tourists to the island, but it has had a negative impact on other species, Mull Community Council was told. Reading about the concerns of some of Mull’s redidents bring to mind the attitudes of the Victorian era. One would have to ask […]