Scottish Courts: Sentencing wildlife criminals a complete shambles..

This Guardian story below is now over 4 years old, however it highlights the inconsistencies and shambles in Scottish Courts when sentencing wildlife criminals today. In 2015 George Mutch gamekeeper was sentenced to 4 months in prison by Aberdeen Sheriff Court after being found guilty of 4 charges, including setting stares hitting a goshawk over […]

Scottish Gamekeepers Association are now blaming wind turbines for the deaths of birds of prey.

[airesizeimg src=”×360.jpg” alt=”scotland-wind-farm-640×360″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-23286″ ]

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association said that its members had too often been blamed for the disappearance of golden eagles, and other rare raptors in Scotland, claiming turbines had been responsible for a number of the deaths.

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has now […]

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