Langholm Moor – Hen Harrier update September

We are very pleased to announce that so far the 4 Langholm hen harrier chicks which were each satellite tagged by Steve Murphy in July are all still alive and doing quite well. So far Grainne, Blue and Hattie have not ventured away from moorland in the Langholm area. However Miranda has migrated into Northumberland. […]

Hen Harriers – Good News from Langholm at last.

We have just been advised that currently there are three female and two male hen harriers on the Langholm moors this season. Let us hope that despite the terrible weather, there may be a chance of perhaps two successful broods. Our only concern is that any fledged young produced are likely to disappear once they […]

The remarkable story of ‘Anicka’ a Golden Eagle shot in the Czech Republic but now breeding in Slovakia

It’s always nice to publish a raptor story with a fairy tail ending, a rare event these days. We have already published one Golden Eagle Article together with the image of the month (Pair of Golden Eagles feeding on dead fox, March 2013 detailing efforts inside the Czech Republic to reintroduce the Golden Eagle back […]

Hen Harriers: BBC One’s Inside Out North East and Cumbria on Monday night at 7.30pm.

This programme should not be missed. It has all the ingredients of being well worth watching in view of the loss of all but one breeding pair of Hen Harriers from England’s uplands last year. Perhaps just as important it will be interesting to hear what the two experts have to say about the current […]

White-tailed eagle known as “Irish Brian” found dead in County Kerry

More disappointing news from Ireland where another reintroduced white-tailed eagle has been found dead. Irish Briaqn os this bird was called became a bit of a celebrity during his visit to east Scotland last year when he was rescued from the sea (see here).


Sat-tagged red kites explore Brave new world

With her striking red plumage and adventurous spirit, it’s no wonder staff at RSPB Scotland’s Tollie Red Kite Centre near Dingwall have named a young red kite after the flame-haired heroine of Disney/Pixar’s film Brave.

[singlepic id=152 w=520 h=440 float=center]

Image by Edward Felton


Report on poisoned birds of prey ‘depressing’, RSPB says

Four red kites were among birds of prey poisoned last year

RSPB Scotland has renewed its call for landowners and their staff in some parts of Scotland to do more to protect raptors from being killed illegally.


We now need to be told the truth – Just where are all the satellite tagged hen harrier now?

Because Natural England are unwilling to disclose detail of where hen harriers go off the radar, as you can appreciate detail is sketchy, the information below is what we do know.

One of the tagged 2010 harriers from Langholm, a male, was seen at Moniaivenorth west of Dumfries yesterday (11-10-2012)

A tagged Langholm harrier from […]

One of this years two Langholm Hen Harriers fitted with satellite Tags confirmed DEAD!

The body of the tagged hen harrier, known as Blae, was found in Tweeddale after trackers noted there had been no movement for days. Conservation workers associated with the Langholm hen harrier conservation project in the Borders feel Blae may have been killed illegally.

Blae and her sibling Barry were from the Langholm Moor Demonstration […]

Contact with the Supplier of Hen Harrier Satellite Telemetry Units to determine their reliability.

Following the publication of Terry Pickford’s recent Hen Harrier article ‘The Hen Harrier is Dead, Long live the Hen Harrier’, we decided to find out for ourselves just how reliable the satellite units used by Natural England to track the movement of hen harriers in both Scotland and England have been over the last ten […]