Grasping the nettle at last……but with gloves on!!

Recent days has seen the promotion of different initiatives variously aimed at improving biodiversity in the Scottish landscape and the Peak District National Park in England and generally providing a framework within which “conflicts between different interests can be resolved”. So far so good one could say and, in fact, I’m actually impressed because something, […]

Bowland Raptor Report – A report the public are not allowed to read or know about.

I have just been handed a short dossier detailing raptor success and failures in Bowland compiled by a concerned member of the North West Raptor Protection Group. The NWRPG as we all now know was the group of raptor experts who lost their licenses which enabled members to protect raptors in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland. […]

Mull’s White-tailed eagles continues to bring £5 million in benefit each year to the Island

[singlepic id=156 w=158 h=225 float=left]The findings of a study undertaken by the Progressive Partnership, commissioned by the RSPB, found that tourism generated by the reintroduction of the White-tailed eagle supports the equivalent of 110 full-time jobs. The calculations were based on a survey of more than 1,200 people who visited the island in 2010. Almost […]

Mystery as Red Kites vanish from haunts in the north eastern dales.

[singlepic id=151 w=450 h=290 float=left]ONE of the country’s most enigmatic birds of prey may have made a triumphant comeback in other areas of the country but in Teesdale their future is in doubt.

Red kites were named as one of the success stories of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch – an annual survey carried […]

Climate Change will not kill Raptors but the Government’s cure might!

[singlepic id=300 w=368 h=444 float=left]From early in my life I have been a licensed game dealer and so I have got to know the game industry from the inside. Game keepers have always, to my experience, been extremely proud of their job, their land and their connections to the natural world. They tend to look […]

The Red Kite extinct in England since 1765 now back on top.

[singlepic id=204 w=540 h=355 float=centre]

The RSPB is celebrating the “remarkable” comeback of the Red Kite, a bird which had almost become extinct in Britain. For more than 400 years the bird of prey was killed as vermin and by the 1960s there were just 20 pairs. But the organisation’s 2011 Big Garden Birdwatch survey […]

Mark Avery speaks frankly about his personal concern for the Hen Harrier

Many of us who over the years have taken the time to read Mark Avery’s Blog can not help but be impressed by his out spoken and candid attitude on a multitude of important issues, this includes birds of prey. There can be no doubt the RSPB will find it very difficult to find a […]

Tom de Castella, Journalist, read his views on raptor increases!

People are used to stories of conservational doom-and-gloom with fragile species threatened by creeping urbanisation, but recent reports suggest some birds of prey are booming in the UK. So why does the prospect of a soaring hawk or eagle leave some people worried asks Tom de Castella in the BBC News magazine this week? Song […]

Scotland’s Shooting Estates issue Unprecedented Statement on Wildlife Crime.

The detail posted below was first published in 2010, however we feel that in view of the increasing number of poisoning incidents throughout the Scottish Highlands resulting in the deaths of large numbers of protected birds of prey, Raptor Politics feels the public have a right to know which estates have now added their names […]

Gamekeeper thrilled to see harriers on his moor.

[singlepic id=243w=300 h=200 float=left]I almost fell off my chair when I read on James Marchington’s blog about a gamekeeper who admits he was thrilled to see harriers on his moor. It would appear the quote was taken from a comment made by a keeper on the “Working for Grouse” blog. Mr. Marchington then makes the […]