Langholm Project – Hen Harrier Distribution Details 2010/11

Many questions have been asked by our readers recently regarding the where-a-bouts of the three hen harrier chicks which were each satellite tagged at Langholm this summer. We have at last established that one of the three chicks tagged (58941) is still alive and has managed to cross the English Cannel and is now wintering […]

Red Kite and buzzard are poisoned in County Wicklow

AN INVESTIGATION is underway after a dead Red Kite was found to have been illegally poisoned in County Wicklow just north of Woodenbridge. The dead kite was handed in by a member of the public to the National Parks and Wildlife Service Headquarters at Wicklow Mountains National Park.


A century of protection, and the POISONING goes on…

Exactly a century ago, the barbaric acts of putting baits laced with deadly poisons out into the countryside to kill wildlife was outlawed [note 1]. Yet despite this, a new report, published today (Thursday 3 November) by the RSPB, shows that this practice remains a major problem for the UK’s birds of prey. […]

Named and shamed: One of the UK’s worst places for killing birds of prey

Police blame rogue gamekeepers for poisoning or shooting protected predators. Birds of prey including the peregrine falcon, red kite, goshawk and hen harrier are being poisoned or shot in the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales at a rate unknown in any other region, according to the RSPB.

Click HERE to view graphic (134k […]

Record number of poisoned Eagles proves high level of illegal birds of prey killing

Four golden eagles, the most recorded in a single year, were among 29 birds illegally poisoned last year, according to the latest annual report by RSPB Scotland. The report, The illegal killing of birds of prey in Scotland in 2010, indicates that persecution remains at high levels and continues to pose a serious risk to […]

SS propaganda once again being voiced about the White-tailed eagle in Scotland.

[singlepic id=164 w=270 h= 183 float=left] The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has raised concerns about whether sea eagles could differentiate between children and their natural prey.

The comment follows an incident where a senior Scottish clergyman was injured by a young eagle as he tried to scare it away after it attacked one of his geese. […]

Sky Dancing to save raptors, fund raising event in Scotland, your support is needed.

Steve’s Sky Dive fundraising page Fundraiser: Steve Smith

My page:

I have chosen to highlight the persecution of raptors as part of my sky dive as I believe that these birds symbolise more than any other, the wildness that we still have in our country and how we must continue to preserve and protect […]

Gamekeepers say they are the ‘true protectors of the countryside’, not the RSPB

Gamekeepers are the real stewards of the countryside, according to a new report that found land managed for shooting covers a wider area than all of Britain’s nature reserves.


The reintrocuction of extinct species causing “mayhem” according to an article in the Telegraph

In an article published in todays Telegraph written by Jasper Copping, a report by the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management claims the reintroduction into the wild of creatures like the beaver and sea eagle that had previously died out in Britain are endangering the countryside. At first glance you can be forgiven for thinking […]

European wildlife being devastated by trapping, poisoning and shooting

A Birdlife Europe report reveals disturbing facts about the illegal killing of birds throughout Europe. The report includes details of 2,146 Griffon Vultures which have been poisoned in Spain during the last ten years