Hundreds of raptors illegally killed since 1994, says RSPB

Image copyright RSPB Scotland

A golden eagle that was found poisoned in Sutherland in 2010

A 20-year review of the illegal killing of birds of prey in Scotland shows 779 raptors died between 1994 and 2014, according to RSPB Scotland.


30 protected birds of prey killed in Northern Ireland in three years, report claims


Dead Male Peregrine Falcon

More than 30 protected birds of prey were killed in Northern Ireland in three years, according to a report on wildlife crime.


Yorkshire Red Kites 2015 Breeding Season

2015 Breeding Season

The 2015 breeding season confirmed the continued expansion of the population with new pairs being recorded in a number of areas. Circumstances outside the control of Yorkshire Red Kites prevented the monitoring of breeding pairs in one area. The overall figures for the season, as shown in the table below, include an […]

The Red Sky on the Black Isle, new film about the poisoning of 16 Red Kites and several Buzzards in 2014

In August this year we published an update on the poisoning in 2014 of 16 Red Kites and several Buzzards on the Black Isle, Ross-shire in Scotland, a serious wildlife crime that still after after 19 months has not been solved. We highlighted a claim made by the north of Scotland’s Chief of Police Julian […]

Red Kites in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland reach 100 chicks produced.

Between 2001 and 2005 one hundred and four Red Kites were released near Laurieston (Dumfries and Galloway), using donor stock from North Scotland and the Chilterns reintroduction project in England Many birds have remained in the area due to a successful feeding station found just outside Laurieston. Some people have suggested that this feeding […]

Three Red Kites found poisoned last year just reported to the public.

The following press release has been issued today by FoRK and relates to 3 red kites each found poisoned last year (Friends of Red Kites) –


It has just been reported by FoRK (Friends of Red Kites) that 3 red kites were found illegally poisoned last year in the north […]

An Red Kite found near Tomatin in the Scottish Highlands had to be put to sleep because of the nature of its injuries.

A Red Kite in flight in the Highlands

An injured red kite has died after being found injured near Tomatin, prompting a police investigation. Early examinations of the bird have found its death is not due to natural causes. RSPB Scotland have described the death as “yet another incident of raptor persecution”.


Two more red kites found illegally killed in North Scotland

Image by Edward Felton

Two more red kites have been confirmed by Scottish Government testing to have been illegally killed in north Scotland. Both of these incidents took place in 2014 and are now being made public as the Police have concluded their enquiries.

The first […]

Scotland’s Northern police chief determined to solve mass red kite killing mystery

North of Scotland’s police chief Julian Innes

The north of Scotland’s police chief has dismissed claims there has been a “campaign of secrecy” shrouding an investigation into the mass killing of red kites and buzzards. Chief of police Julian Innes remains optimistic that whoever poisoned the 12 rare red kites and four buzzards […]

Skinnydippers are caught out when red kites steal their underpants and socks to build their nests while they are swimming

A Scottish gamekeeper working on an estate in Glen Esk in Angus solved the mystery of missing underwear left on the bank of a river by skinny dippers. A pair of red kites had stolen the swimmers’ underpants and socks to help make their nest . The gamekeeper took photographs of the nest, which had […]