The Silent Spring continues across the Forest of Bowland

This is our second update this spring, and frankly this is one of the most appalling seasons for our moorland raptors we have experienced in a long long time, and the situation has all the characteristics of deteriorating much further.

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Rachel Carson’s prediction have become a reality across the Forest of Bowland.

An account of a day walking the isolated and beautiful fells of Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland, where indigenous raptors that were reasonably common twenty years age are being threatened by unprecedented illegal practices. These criminal activities are being specifically undertaken to conserve and increase red grouse numbers which are then shot for sport at the […]

Police crackdown on North Yorkshire bird of prey killings

Police have joined forces with wildlife experts to combat bird of prey killings in the county with the UK’s worst record for attacks.


The “silent killer” decimates Andean condors in Argentina – at least 34 poisoned in the mountains of Mendoza

The Vulture Multi-species Action Plan (Vulture MsAP), approved recently in the conference of the parties of the Convention for Migratory Species – a global strategic blueprint identifying priorities and actions to conserve 15 species of old world vultures – says it clearly: (illegal) poison with poisoned baits (often against predators of […]

Five years of failure: RSPB withdraws from Peak District Bird of Prey Initiative

The RSPB has ended its involvement with the Peak District Bird of Prey Initiative, following the partnership project’s continued failure to improve the fortunes of raptors in the Dark Peak.

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This Osprey was found in the Peak District National Park in 2015 with two broken legs […]

Toothless Natural England gives in to wildlife criminals

Government body responsible for wildlife protection issues first license for Hen Harrier ‘brood meddling’ on grouse moors.

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Hen Harrier chicks and eggs will be removed from nests, reared in captivity and released but to what fate? (© Ian Newton)

In a highly controversial move, that will […]

Two important new strategies to protect Bowland’s Raptors in 2018



During the Christmas holidays members of the North West Raptor Protection Group have been working on a strategy to provide improved security at Forest of Bowland Peregrine nesting territories during the forthcoming 2018 season. Using funding provided by supporters of their on going GoFundMe campaign the group have now installed several state […]

The status of Egyptian Vulture in Armenia – 50 + pairs

Details about the distribution and population size of the Egyptian vulture in Armenia have recently been published in the Atlas on Breeding Birds of Armenia, a project led by Armenian NGO Armenian Bird Census TSE.

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The Derbyshire Peak District. My autumn visit to a successful goshawk hotspot.

My early days in Derbyshire.

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1947 in Derbyshire

As the second world war was coming to an end I first saw daylight when I was born in Glossop just two miles from the boundary of the soon to be formed Peak District National […]

New Scientific Paper: Poisoning of reintroduced red kites in England:

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You are able to read the complete paper here

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Poisoned Red Kite: Image courtesy […]

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