The Skydancing begins, but how will it all end asks one of our supporters?

The following information and videos were sent to us by one of our supporters this evening after he had experienced the high and lows of what the Forest of Bowland has to offer. These are his words describing the unfolding events of today.

This morning I count myself privileged to have been in the right […]

Scottish Game Farmer convicted over the illegal use of a gin trap by his gamekeeper

Buzzard: A dog walker found the bird seriously injured in the trap.

A shooting magnate who runs one of the UK’s top hunting and stalking agencies has become the second estate manager in Scotland to be convicted for the crimes of his gamekeeper.


Cruel Game – The Truth Behind Pheasant Shooting

This new film reveals the cruel truth behind the life cycle of the pheasant – a non-native bird raised to be killed for sport.

‘Cruel Game’ shows young birds, bred in their millions in Europe for British shooting estates, struggling in a futile attempt to escape barren breeding cages. They are mutilated with ‘bits’ […]