Cropping and Hen Harriers

We are fortunate to have 2 nature reserves situated around the Solway where cropping is used to feed winter finches and buntings.

Cropping is often used to feed game birds using a mix of plants producing seed and also acting as tall cover for the birds. Game keepers often position the crop so […]

Another good year for Pallid Harrier-how many will be killed on Red Grouse Moors?

Male Pallid Harrier: Just how secure will these birds be when entering Red Grouse Moors?

The raptor migration hot spot at Falsterbo, on the south-western tip of Sweden, is having another great year for Pallid Harriers with 10 seen this week alone and 40 for the autumn […]

Pallid Harriers arriving in the N.E of Britain

A Pallid Harrier-A rare Harrier rarely seen in Britain This morning has seen many Geordie birders descending on Holy island, not for religious reasons but the passion to see yet another Pallid Harrier in Britain. All the birds recorded this autumn have been juvenile birds and as we said weeks ago Sweden was witnessing […]

Sweden is now witnessing the largest movement of Pallid Harriers ever to occur in the country

This week we are hearing some great news about Pallid Harrier breeding in Finland and now you can watch one of the females as she migrates to winter in Africa. Just as exciting Sweden is now witnessing the largest movement of this species ever to occur in the country and already a few Pallid Harriers […]

Ospreys return to Foulshaw Moss, Cumbrian Wildlife Trust Reserve at Levens Bridge, Cumbria.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust presents their new Foulshaw Moss osprey nest-cam. The cameras have been recording successfully & here are edited highlights of the first week of the 2015 season. Let us know what you think. […]

Images of Rare Raptors passing through Spain: Recent Reports: Latest sightings

15 years in a row informing on recent news on rare birds in Spain. ‘Proud to gather observations from all those who make this possible for the benefit of birds and birding’. The only comprehensive easy-to-read website plus archive on rare birds in Spain.

Male Pallid Harrier


BirdLife Malta sends second shot Pallid Harrier to Sicilian rehabilitation center

Pallid Harrier to be taken to Sicilian wildlife rehabilitation centre after being rescued by BirdLife Malta. […]

Illegal hunters in Malta take advantage of lax enforcement on first days of hunting season

This juvenile Bee-eater, was shot on the first day of the hunting season, wing broken and blinded in one eye. This young bird hatched this year and was making its first migration to Africa.

Tuesday 4th September, Malta – BirdLife Malta today announced that there were no ALE units patrolling the countryside on the […]

Increasing Numbers of Pallid Harriers enjoy Swedish summer

Over 6 Pallid Harriers are reported to have summered in Sweden this year making this season one of the best for this species on record. Hybrid pairs have been found as far south as Denmark but with so many birds now arriving each summer it is felt that pure breeding between these birds will take […]