Loch Garten Osprey eggs destroyed by intruder

EJ and Odin in the nest at Loch Garten

A male osprey has destroyed all three eggs in a nest at the Loch Garten Osprey Centre in the Highlands, according to RSPB Scotland. The eggs were being tended by EJ, a female, and Odin, a male, who have successfully bred in […]

Ospreys at T in the Park – An explanation of why the Wildlife & Countryside Act is so important by Alan Stewart

Despite being retired I have had two contacts regarding the Strathallan (T in the Park) ospreys over the Easter weekend. One contact was by email; the other by telephone. Firstly this is an extremely difficult situation. T in the Park brings considerable revenue to Scotland and in particular to Perthshire. With concerns this year […]

A pair of ospreys are now confirmed as breeding at the ‘T’ in the park venue for this years music festival.

A pair of ospreys which hold a key role in deciding whether this year’s T in the Park goes ahead at Strathallan Estate defying festival organisers by returning to their old nest overlooked by the huge cherry picker festooned with flags and balloons. The ospreys were allegedly seen on their long-term roost near the […]

Police called back to T in the Park site and asked to intervene as osprey returns taking up residence on nest


The ‘T’ in the park pair of Ospreys are now confirmed as breeding, further planned disturbance would be a criminal offence.

A pair of ospreys which hold a key role in deciding whether this year’s T in the Park goes ahead at Strathallan Estate defying festival organisers by returning to their old nest […]

Scotland: Perthshire Loch of the Lowes New female osprey takes over nest


The new female has already settled in to the nest and mated with the resident male

A new female osprey has set up nest at the Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve at Loch of the Lowes. Staff at the reserve near Dunkeld had been awaiting the return of “Lady”, the female which […]

RSPB Scotland says DF Concerts’ osprey tactics are on ‘right side of the law’

An ornithologist in the controversial cherry picker near an existing nest on Strathallan Castle estate.

RSPB Scotland has said it will not be taking legal action against T in the Park, despite a cherry picker complete with Saltire and balloons being placed near an osprey nest in Perthshire. […]

Rutland Water Ospreys: Proposal to place 9 130m high turbines in Osprey flight line.

Today 23 March, Raptor Politics received a request for advice from one of our followers concerned at a proposal to install nine 130m high wind turbines near Rutland Water in order to prepare a response. We are advised that it is not uncommon to see Ospreys in the Rutland area as they travel through the […]

Double trouble for the T in the park Music festival.

The organisers of T in the Park festival in Perthshire may have to deal with two pairs of ospreys turning up at their new site rather than the single pair originally expected, conservationists are warning.

Osprey nest being inspected for damage

The resident pair which normally nest at Strathallan Castle […]

RSPB Scotland warns time is running out for T in the Park as ospreys start returning to UK

RSPB Scotland has today warned time is running out to reduce the impact of T in the Park on wildlife at Strathallan Castle in Perthshire.

The wildlife conservation charity criticised the organisers, DF Concerts Limited, as appearing poorly organised and unprofessional and cautioned that, unless a clear plan to deal with ospreys and other wildlife […]

Call for T in the Park music festival to relocate osprey nest, but perhaps it should read ‘‘Call for T in the Park to relocate music festival to protect osprey nest’?

CONSERVATIONISTS are calling for T in the Park organisers in Perthshire to take immediate action to relocate an osprey nest at the festival’s new venue before the iconic birds return to breed there in the next couple of weeks

Strathallan Castle Estate in rural Perthshire is home to an abundance of wildlife: Red Squirrels, […]