Hen Harriers: BBC One’s Inside Out North East and Cumbria on Monday night at 7.30pm.

This programme should not be missed. It has all the ingredients of being well worth watching in view of the loss of all but one breeding pair of Hen Harriers from England’s uplands last year. Perhaps just as important it will be interesting to hear what the two experts have to say about the current […]

Not all Doom & Gloom

When the National Gamekeeper’s Association starts getting all angsty about something, it’s worth looking at more closely and that is just what happened last week as they issued a call for the temporary ban on the use of second generation rat baits away from buildings, introduced by HSE , to be reversed.


Review of Natural England and the Environment Agency must ensure England’s wildlife has a champion

We hold up our hands, we missed this one but feel Defra’s review of the two organisations to be merged into one possible entity, it is so important we are adding the story now anyway.

The RSPB has welcomed the start of a consultation into the future of Natural England, but has warned against undermining […]

High Stakes in Wildlife Law Review

The current shake-up of all wildlife legislation in England and Wales by the Law Commission will have profound consequences for shooting and game management in the near future, believes the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO). Conservation organisations like the North West Raptor Group however now believe that if the proposals relating to ‘protected birds of […]

Vicarious Liability e-petition reaches 10,000 signatures today -This is not good enough!

Introduction of offence of vicarious liability for raptor persecution in England Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

We urge those individuals who so far have not signed the e-petition and who care about the well-being of ‘protected’ raptors to sign the Petition here NOW before the time limit expires on 17th November; […]

England’s wildlife laws under review – take action to protect birds of prey

England’s wildlife laws are currently up for review and a consultation process in now underway. The Law Commission is looking at modernising the laws that protect England’s wildlife. There are lots of little updates but there’s one that could be really major and useful in protecting our bird of prey.


Who Gains? by Alan Tilmouth

Following on from my post yesterday about the Shooting Times opinion piece/feature by Roy Green, one of the comments by Alistair Balmain Editor of Shooting Times challenged me to think about why someone of 35 years standing in the game industry would change his position on the RSPB. To be honest I have deliberated over […]

Democracy in action! So why don’t we use it?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs at Westminster, Mrs Caroline Spelman, and her Minister, Richard Benyon, signalling my intention to begin lobbying about raptor persecution and, in particular, the current plight of Hen Harriers. Should such campaigning be successful then, hopefully, the […]

Heads below the parapet – RSPB Investigations.

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float=left]For over 20 years I’ve dealt with the dirty world of bird of prey persecution offences. In addition to dealing with a depressing catalogue of magnificent birds which have been shot, trapped and poisoned it has also provided an insight into why this problem won’t go away.


The National Trust Speaks out following the Glenn Brown conviction.

The National Trust via their Natural Environment Director Simon Pryor is given a chance to clear the air on Mark Avery’s Blog following the unsuccessful appeal brought by Derbyshire gamekeeper Glenn Brown. Brown was the resident gamekeeper on Howden Moor owned by the National Trust who was successfully convicted of several serious wildlife crimes last […]