Terry Pickford invites you to join him bird watching in the Czech Republic May 2016.

[airesizeimg src=”http://raptorpolitics.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Three-toed-woodpecker-Jean$-150×150$.jpg” alt=”Three-toed woodpecker Jean” class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-17844″ ]Three-toed woodpecker-Photographed in southern Bohemia. Are you a birder with a passion and interest in getting up close to rare and endangered raptors, for example Imperial Eagle, White-tailed Eagle Ural Owl, Black Kite, Honey Buzzard and Montagu’s Harrier. If so this exclusive 7 day visit […]

Marsh Harrier found poisoned in North Lincolnshire

An investigation has been launched after one of Britain’s rarest birds of prey, a Marsh Harrier, was found dead on the banks of the River Humber in North Lincolnshire.

The dead Marsh Harrier, found near Goxhill, had been poisoned and was discovered dead on top of a large bush. Humberside Police, the RSPB and Natural […]

Marsh harrier – rare bird of prey – found poisoned on Goxhill marshes near Humber

Bird protection organisation the RSPB is offering a £1,000 reward for information leading to a conviction after a marsh harrier was found poisoned on Goxhill marshes. Take Note Mr. Benyon, this is the kind of activity your failure to act is helping to promote!

The dead bird was discovered on top of a large […]

Committee of MP’s urge Government action over Wildlife Crime.

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float=center] AS RSPB LAUNCHES INFORMATION APPEAL OVER POISONED BIRD OF PREY

The RSPB has today [Thursday 18 October, 2012] welcomed a committee of MPs’ challenge to the government to take action over the ‘systematic killing’ of birds of prey. The RSPB trusts the Government will implement the recommendations from the Environmental […]

Satellite Tagged Marsh Harrier goes of the Radar according to the Highland Foundation for Wildlife

Willow – a young female marsh harrier was satellite tagged at a nest containing two chicks in the county of Moray in the north west of Scotland. For the first six weeks the young female harrier ranged in the general area of the breeding site, and was more often close to the nest site […]

Illegal hunters in Malta take advantage of lax enforcement on first days of hunting season

This juvenile Bee-eater, was shot on the first day of the hunting season, wing broken and blinded in one eye. This young bird hatched this year and was making its first migration to Africa.

Tuesday 4th September, Malta – BirdLife Malta today announced that there were no ALE units patrolling the countryside on the […]

Radio 4 Interview with Guy Shorrock RSPB – Should harmful Pesticides be banned?

BBC Radio 4 on the farming programme this morning broadcast an interview with Guy Shorrock from the RSPB’s Investigation Department about the societies calls for a UK ban on harmful and dangerous pesticides, many of which are currently being used to kill birds of prey in many regions of our countryside.


Conservation and nature tourism bringing economic boost to our countryside

More and more people are enjoying nature in the UK, bringing economic benefits to local communities. These are the findings of a new study from the RSPB looking at how conservation and nature tourism create jobs and bring money into local areas. The effects are being felt across the UK, from far-flung rural areas to […]

Rare Marsh Harrier shot and left to starve in Teesdale

Our thanks go to Harrier Man for alerting Raptor Politics to this very sad story. We are given to understand this is the first Marsh Harrier to have been shot in England since the birds began their steady recolonization of the British Isles; lets just hope its the last. Once again this incident just goes […]

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