Two Birdlife Malta members assaulted while investigating illegal bird caller in Delimara

Two BirdlifeMalta members claimed to have been assaulted as they approached an illegal bird trap after hearing calls from an artificial bird caller in Delimara.Three BLM members were near the Delimara lighthouse when they heard an illegal bird caller putting out a call simulating an Oyster Catcher, which is in season. The trapping season […]

‘See you in court,’ BirdLife Malta warns as government defends trapping

FKNK president calls on European Commission to keep ‘spirit of the law’ in mind before deciding on whether to charge Malta in court over decision to reopen finch trapping season

The Maltese government’s defence of its decision to reopen a finch trapping season will land Malta in court, BirdLife Malta have warned. “It’s a case […]

BirdLife Malta urges government not to risk embarrassing Malta at the European Courts

Yesterday, Tuesday 28 July, was the deadline for the Maltese government to submit their justification to the European Commission for reintroducing the trapping of wild finches in autumn 2014 and BirdLife Malta is urging the government to ban the practice rather than risk Malta facing the EU Courts.

In a statement, Birdlife […]

BirdLife Malta activists acquitted of possessing protected birds they had attempted to save: common sense prevailed.

Two BirdLIfe Malta activists found not guilty of possessing protected species they were trying to save. In what many felt to be a farcical inversion of the facts, the conservationists were charged under a 2006 law intended to stem illegalities by hunters and trappers Two BirdLife Malta activists walked out of court this with their […]

Birdlife Malta claims in review of illegal hunting ‘grossly inflated’ says hunters

Birdlife’s statement that 301,600 birds were killed illegally in Malta each year was “grossly inflated” and “fabricated”, the hunters’ federation said. It said this statement was made in a BirdLife Malta review of illegal hunting. The report was drawn up by Matteo Lattuada and Juan Mula Laguna who used only Birdlife Malta data, even though […]

Malta: The early forced closure of ‘Spring Hunting’ shows hunters’ inability to obey the law.

At a press conference outside the law courts in Valletta yesterday, BirdLife Malta outlined why the season’s closure was a result of the hunting community’s inability to obey the law. Remarking on the illegalities committed by hunters Mark Sultana, BirdLife Malta spokesperson said: “Despite a referendum result that showed very strong opposition to spring […]

Malta misses a chance to end spring hunting of birds

On Saturday 11th April, Maltese citizens lost the opportunity to put an end to the controversial spring hunting of birds in their country during a national referendum. A decision that will have consequences for bird conservation across Europe and beyond.

Malta lies along the migratory route between Africa and Europe, and is an important resting […]

Malta: After referendum, BirdLife launches nationwide membership drive

BirdLife Malta president Geoffrey Saliba asked those who still wanted to see a hunting-free spring to make their voices heard by joining the organisation as members.

A Blue Rock Thrush, Malta’s national bird Precisely one week after the spring hunting referendum, which saw 124,214 Maltese citizens vote for the abolition of the season, BirdLife Malta […]

If it Flies, It Dies – Malta’s Hunters Get Green Light for Bird Slaughter Tourists to Malta over the next few weeks might get a shock. The country’s mass killing of birds, known as the Spring Hunt, starts today, meaning that thousands of birds will be shot from the skies. If you don’t want to be caught in the middle of that, you might want to head somewhere […]

Maltese Hunter fined €2,500, licence suspended for 42 months for shooting cuckoo

The Cuckoo is protected species and is the first recorded casualty of controversial spring hunting season • The Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, warns that hunting season will be stopped if there are “flagrant illegalities” • St Hubert Hunters, FKNK condemn shooting