Italian police smash bird-smuggling racket involving Malta

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The group was uncovered by the Carabinieri’s anti-poaching unit.

A bird-smuggling racket between Malta and parts of Italy has been dismantled by the Italian police and the EU’s law enforcement arm. Thousands of rare and protected birds were being […]

Updated: 12 Maltese arrested in Sicily with dead protected birds, firearms

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Twelve Maltese hunters have been arrested in Sicily after they were caught with protected birds and unlicensed firearms, Sicilian media report.

The Maltese citizens – the media did not give their gender or ages – were held by Italian authorities at Pozzallo as they were about […]

Maltese Shooters to blame for high pigeon numbers throughout the island!

Malta was once a good area to observe Peregrine Falcons nesting on their many sea cliffs around the island, but sadly peregrines were shot on sight by an army of hunters causing the local pigeon population to explode to such high numbers that pigeon droppings were causing a huge mess in towns […]

Shot Marsh Harrier is first casualty of spring hunting season – Birdlife Malta

The first report of illegal hunting came on Saturday, with Birdlife Malta reporting that it had recovered an injured Marsh Harrier. It said the bird was certified shot by the veterinarian.

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The spring hunting season opened 24 March 2017.



National Wildlife Crime Unite Press Release.

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R: Jeffrey Lendrum

An international falcon smuggler who has previously served a prison sentence in the UK, was sentenced on 28th January 2016, to 4½ years in a Brazilian prison. Jeffrey Lendrum, 54 yrs […]

Eastern Imperial eagle feared killed in Malta

Last week we published exciting news of the first ever Eastern Imperial eagle ever sighted on the Island of Malta see here . Experienced birdwatchers had first spotted the huge bird flying low over Buskett on Wednesday 3rd November, making it the first ever recorded presence of the Aquila heliacal species on the Maltese Islands.


Malta: A bird trapper given suspended sentence for assault on BirdLife volunteers

A Maltese bird trapper has been handed a suspended sentence and fined for an assault on 2 BirdLife volunteers which left one victim needing dental surgery. Conservation manager Nicholas Barbara requiring dental surgery to repair broken teeth resulting from the unprovoked attack in Delimara earlier this year.


The Maltese hunting federation (FKNK) sees ‘malicious intentions of anti-hunting individuals’ in plans to revise EU Firearms Directive

EU plans to revise the Firearms Directive will have a negative impact on thousands of Maltese who legally own firearms for hunting, the FKNK said today.


Malta: BirdLife calls on Commissioner Vella to take instant action over trapping

BirdLife calls on European Commissioner Karmenu Vella to apply interim measures that would ban finch trapping for the duration of a case against Malta at the European Court of Justice

BirdLife Malta has called on European Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella to apply urgent interim measures to ban finch trapping in Malta for the duration of […]

The Maltese falcon makes a comeback to the island

As the peregrine disappears from moorland in northern England used to shoot grouse following their persecution, we are pleased to report the wonderful news that this apex predator is once again breeding on the island following an absence of over thirty years. The return of the peregrine falcon to Malta, known to some as […]

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