Bearded vultures and lead poisoning – National Park Hohe Tauern (Austria) is promoting lead-free hunting practices

Lead (Pb) is a metabolic poison that can negatively influence biological processes, leading to illness and mortality across a large spectrum of bird species, including vultures. Lead poisoning can result from numerous sources, including ingestion of bullet fragments and shot pellets left in animal carcasses, spent ammunition left in the field, lost fishing tackle, […]

Fury after Peregrine Falcon found shot dead at Lancashire Church.

Sadly incidents of illegal killing of England’s ‘protected’ birds of prey, whether on Red Grouse moors or in the urban environment are increasing despite what our present Prime Minister is telling the public in Parliament. Conveniently Mrs. May has overlooked the fact that the Hen Harrier did not breed last year on any grouse […]

Another reason why lead shot should be banned, particularly on England’s water catchments!

The World Health Organisation give these key facts regarding lead –

Key facts Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children.

Lead in the body is distributed to the brain, liver, kidney and bones. It is stored in the teeth and bones, where it accumulates over […]

Lead poisoning and vultures: new scientific contributions

Lead poisoning is a well-known threat to vultures and other scavengers, and in certain species and areas it may even be a significant threat – the recovery of the Californian condor is mostly hampered by this threat, while in the Alps lead poisoning may be the most significant threat to bearded vultures currently (since […]

Chris Packham & Mark Avery Review The Real Price of Grouse, but overlook the Forest of Bowland Tragedy

Message to Mark Avery from Terry Pickford, no mention of the Forest of Bowland Tragedy, why?

Mark, I was so disappointed that during your interview above with Chris Packham this week, although you highlighted the disappearance of many, but not all, raptors from the Yorkshire dales, the north York moors and the Peak District, […]

The Government has responded to the petition to Ban Toxic Lead Ammunition

Dear Mr. xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx,

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Ban toxic lead ammunition”.

Government responded:

The Government is considering the independent Lead Ammunition Group’s report and will respond as soon as possible. See:

Lead shot has been prohibited for wildfowling since 1999 […]

Lead Exposure and the Effects on Scavenging Birds

There are multiple sources of lead in the environment. However, scientific evidence points to spent lead ammunition as the most frequent cause of lead exposure and poisoning in scavenging birds, including eagles, condors and vultures, in the United States.

How far should the Forestry Commission go with their lead ban

Now that the Forestry Commission intend to ban the use of lead shot for deer stalking and wild boar hunting, the particulars of tender document (see below) details shooting in the SW of England. However the tender document provides no information on how protected species found in the forests where shooting is permitted should be […]

Thousands of children are at risk of brain damage after eating game that is killed with lead ammunition, new report claims

Children are being put at risk of brain damage after eating game killed with lead ammunition, according to a new controversial report. Experts have said that some 10,000 children are regularly eating game meat that has been shot using lead ammunition, which can have harmful side effects.

They also claim that thousands of adults […]

California condor: Shock therapy helping to bring rare vulture back from the brink

The California Condor have developed an unfortunate habit of flying into power cables Shock therapy may be closely associated with the psychiatric treatment of humans but a version of the technique is being used to help bring the California condor back from intensive care. North America’s population of its biggest raptor […]