For Sale: But What is happening at Langholm!!

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It is few years ago that the 10 year Langholm project came to an end [2017 – ]

This left a pocket of money not spent due to all the 5 estate game keepers being removed from their jobs a year […]

What’s going on at Langholm?

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Langholm moor, bird watchers are now flocking to this area to photograph or just watch raptors

Most of the public think the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project finished last year [2017] but did it? Raptor Politics have been told that it is still going on […]

The Short eared Owl in Britain

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The Short-eared Owl is one of the most persecuted of the owls in Britain, because they breed mainly on upland heather moorland, bringing them into conflict with Red Grouse moorland managers and their gamekeepers. There is a massive wide range in expected breeding numbers from […]

Hen Harrier update: no excuses for lack of Harriers as shown by Langholm

Having read Mark Avery’s review of Martin Harper’s (RSPB) mid-season Hen Harrier update for England, the RSPB speaking softly and left the stick at home, you may may begin to understand why there are few Hen Harriers left to protect on England’s uplands; they continue to be persecuted with impunity. As always Mark’s words are […]

Petition Ban driven grouse shooting to protect the environment and protected birds like the Hen Harrier.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Grouse” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-18159″ ]Raptor Politics has nearly 4000 followers on twitter, we are asking each and everyone of our followers for your help protect our moorland ecosystems and birds of prey that use these regions to breed. This year there were only 6 successful breeding pairs of hen harriers in England brought […]

Highlights and images from Langholm Moor – Rough-legged buzzard, hen harriers and goshawk

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Langholm moor at this time of year, with spring just around the corner, never fails to excite with interesting updates of visiting raptors and other returning birds to this Scottish border region. February has seen mother & daughter, Grainne & Annie, first moving north before returning […]

Hen Harriers, Langholm moor: Demonstration Project – Seven Year Review December 2014

This year has witnessed another poor report from Langholm blaming raptors for the destruction of adult Red Grouse with no evidence to support this claim at all in the 2014 report. Given the money spent [£3.5million] you would think they would have had evidence by now!! No, the report claims the habitat has been improved […]

Bumper Hen Harrier season at Langholm being reported

Update on an amazing season for the Langholm Hen Harriers – this year it is reported that so far there are 9 active Hen Harrier nests, 8 of which have already hatched or are in the process of hatching – including one female that has only just started to incubate a fresh cluch of eggs. […]

Multiple Hen Harriers nests reported at Langholm

We have just been advised that there are currently 6 female Hen Harriers incubating eggs on Langholm moor; this is indeed great news for everyone supporting the Hen Harrier. Interestingly, there are 4 male Harriers servicing the six nests. Additional Hen Harriers have been seen in the area and more nest may yet be on […]

Claims the Raven is causing serious damage to livestock on the Langholm moors refuted.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Raven” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-13615″ ]CLAIMS that ravens are causing serious damage to livestock on the Langholm moors have been refuted by an agricultural consultant. Scottish Natural Heritage confirmed this week that a licence has been granted to cull ten ravens on the Eskdale hillside after damage was found to stock.


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