Gamekeeper thrilled to see harriers on his moor.

[singlepic id=243w=300 h=200 float=left]I almost fell off my chair when I read on James Marchington’s blog about a gamekeeper who admits he was thrilled to see harriers on his moor. It would appear the quote was taken from a comment made by a keeper on the “Working for Grouse” blog. Mr. Marchington then makes the […]

Raptor Campaigner receives hate mail for trying to build bridges with the shooting community.

During the last two days Eagle Owl campaigner Chrissie Harper has been receiving hate mail and threatening phone calls from people who chose to hide their identities behind closed doors. Because they know what they are doing is wrong they didn’t have the courage to give their names or make their feeling known in a […]

Don’t Judge each Book by its Cover- thankyou to the Shooting Fraternity/

[singlepic id=287w=314 h=235 float=left]This will come as a surprise to some people – but shooters rallied when Chrissie Harper put out a plea for help for her bird of prey rescue centre in Oxfordshire. Chrissie, who runs Chrissie’s Owls and Stonesfield Owl Rescue, mentioned on Facebook that she was desperate for funds to buy new […]

Harriers: James Marchington talks to Dr Adam Smith, Director Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Read about James Marchigton’s conversation with Dr Adam Smith, director of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Scotland. Raptor Politics agrees completely with James Marchington when he says its a refreshing change to read a shooter’s perspective on the harrier debate even if we disagree with the points put forward by other people. You can […]

James Marchington’s responsible attitude towards raptors receives support from other concerned shooters.

Followers of Raptor Politics will we are sure wish to read details of the support from other responsible shooters being forwarded to James posted on his latest Blog this morning Sunday6th February. It just goes to show there is always light at the end of most tunnels. Hopefully many more responsible members of the shooting […]

James Marchington’s Blog – Hen Harriers

James Marchington’s most recent blog not surprisingly is all about the hen harrier and we feel what he has to say is well worth a read, if only to understand the views of the shooting fraternity. This is one guy involved in shooting who appears to be promoting a sensible attitude towards raptors and therefore […]