The not so Mysterious Disappearance of England’s missing Hen Harriers

Last spring, when walkers on the Lancashire moors came upon two hen harrier nests, they alerted local conservationists. Not because these powerful birds of prey represented a danger to wildlife, but because the harriers themselves are under threat. When they got the call, staff and members of the RSPB, helped by local volunteers, set up […]

RSPB Scotland appeal after satellite tagged Hen Harrier found shot dead in south-west

Image: Steve Round

RSPB Scotland have today issued an appeal for information after post-mortem results confirmed that a hen harrier found dead on a grouse moor in south-west Scotland in late April had been illegally shot.

The young female harrier, named “Annie”, had been fitted with a satellite transmitter […]

Is the RSPB to blame for the loss of England’s rare hen harriers?

The hen harrier has begun to drag its way back from extinction in England. But according to the grouse industry one organisation is stomping on its claws – the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

On Tuesday, according to the Telegraph, a report by government environment advisory body Natural England was “set to […]

RSPB shoots down ‘utterly ridiculous’ claims it is waging class war against hunters

The RSPB has dismissed accusations by a City tycoon that it is waging a “class war” against the shooting fraternity as the “utterly ridiculous” comments of a man who knows nothing about the charity. It has invited Crispin Odey, an old Harrovian hedge fund manager and shooting enthusiast, to visit it to find out […]

It’s not actually the killing of red grouse that is the problem – but the impact it has on one of their predators

Following on from Mark Avery’s article about the not too good benifits of grouse shooting published in the independent on Monday, writing in yesterday’s Independent Michael McCarthy claims campaigners are taking aim at grouse shooting, and they’re spot on. Mark Avery’s new book the Inglorious (Bloomsbury, £16.99), is an attack on the grouse shooting industry, […]

Forest of Bowland: Will the Westminster government allow this Lancashire moorland area to become a Raptor free zone?

Mallowdale Pike. In 2009 the resident gamekeeper left this estate taking up new duties in Scotland. The following spring in the absence of a gamekeeper a pair of peregrines successfully reared their two chicks at this remote location. In the following year the peregrines disappeared and have so far […]

RSPB Staff member Bungee Jumps to save the Hen Harrier in Bowland

On Saturday 8 August, a young RSPB staff member Jenn Lane will be doing her bit for the hen harrier by doing a bungee jump to raise money for harriers in Bowland. Here she explains why.

Jennifer Lane will be taking a Bungee Jump for the Hen Harrier

Disaster stalks the Forest of Bowland. Is this the beginning of the end for this regions ‘protected’ raptors?

This season has witnessed catastrophic bad new for rare breeding birds of prey on moorland in the Forest of Bowland, an area once regarded as a jewel in the crown for Hen Harriers and Peregrine falcons in Lancashire. Last September we learned about the curious disappearance of ‘Skye’ and ‘Hope’, the two Hen Harrier chicks […]

Fight or Flight, why is the Hen Harrier facing extinction by persecution in England?

You can read about the ongoing plight of England’s Hen Harrier in an article written by Jamie Merrill published online in the Independent this morning. No one reading this story is left in any doubt who the culprits for this years disappearances are.


Talking Naturally: Response To Hen Harrier Deaths May 2015

A special Talking Naturally podcast in response to the May 6th news that three male Hen Harriers (the most persecuted bird in Britain) recently ‘disappeared’ from active nests in the Forest of Bowland. Presented by Charlie Moores, the podcast features a hard-hitting discussion on crimes against birds of prey on grouse moors with Tim Birch […]