The not so Mysterious Disappearance of England’s missing Hen Harriers

Last spring, when walkers on the Lancashire moors came upon two hen harrier nests, they alerted local conservationists. Not because these powerful birds of prey represented a danger to wildlife, but because the harriers themselves are under threat. When they got the call, staff and members of the RSPB, helped by local volunteers, set up […]

Is the RSPB to blame for the loss of England’s rare hen harriers?

The hen harrier has begun to drag its way back from extinction in England. But according to the grouse industry one organisation is stomping on its claws – the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

On Tuesday, according to the Telegraph, a report by government environment advisory body Natural England was “set to […]

RSPB shoots down ‘utterly ridiculous’ claims it is waging class war against hunters

The RSPB has dismissed accusations by a City tycoon that it is waging a “class war” against the shooting fraternity as the “utterly ridiculous” comments of a man who knows nothing about the charity. It has invited Crispin Odey, an old Harrovian hedge fund manager and shooting enthusiast, to visit it to find out […]

A fourth male Hen Harrier is reported missing from an active nest in the northern Pennines.

Geltsdale Moor, Northern Pennines

It was inevitable that another male hen harrier would be reported missing sooner rather than later; this time from an occupied nest site in the northern Pennines. Not only that, but the female known to have been incubating a clutch of eggs, has now also vanished. […]

Hen Harrier Row, BBC Radio 4 Farming Today

One of our followers kindly sent details of a Radio 4 programme where the row started by Sir Ian Botham ‘You Forgot the Birds’ (meaning the hen harrier) is debated by Ian Gregory a representative from the shooting industry, and Martin Harper on the other side from the RSPB. We decided to add the link […]

Raptor Persecution on red grouse moors: A feudal system of raptor management in the 21st Century.

The 3 stuffed Hen Harriers inside this display cabinet were obtained from the Forest of Bowland. The Harriers were initially photographed by the licensed award winning photographer Dennis Green from a hide. After being killed the Harriers were stuffed then displayed throughout the photographer’s home as trophies. The photographer’s licensed […]

England Hen Harrier wipe out after Forest of Bowland disappearances.

Interesting article in today’s Telegraph 12 May, well worth a read, however you must take a claims within the article with some scepticism.For example when we are informed that “a study spanning more than two decades disclosed that moorland management by gamekeepers led to a sharp rise in the number of hen harriers.”Despite admitting that […]

RSPB put up a £10,000 reward for information leading to a conviction of hen harrier killers.

In an unprecedented move to locate the perpetrators who carried out these despicable acts the RSPB are offering a £10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

RSPB PRESS RELEASE: Trio of threatened breeding birds of prey vanish.

Three nesting hen harriers have vanished in Lancashire in as […]

The RSPB are seeking your thoughts on their new Skydancer film.

The RSPB in cooperation with Northumberland-based Haltwhistle Film Project have produced a 10 minute film about the plight of the Hen Harrier which they hope will offer an engaging and inspiring introduction to the hen harrier and the challenges this moorland species are currently facing on red grouse moorland.

Filmed in Yorkshire, […]

Walkers in Upper Wharfedale being encouraged to look out for hen harriers

WALKERS on the heather moorlands of Upper Wharfedale are being asked to keep an eye out for hen harriers. The moorlands are the natural habitat for the country’s most threatened bird of prey, which last year only managed four successful breeding pairs.

In an effort to find out where the birds may […]