Griffon Vultures killed – probably poisoned – in Cyprus. This incident is a blow to the efforts to recover the endangered island population of griffon vultures

At least 7 griffon vultures have been found dead in Cyprus since last November, probably poisoned. Four of the the birds had been released in Cyprus as part of a project to reinforce the extremely threatened island population (down to 2 breeding pairs), originating in Crete (3 birds) and the Limassol zoo […]

New project for the conservation of black and griffon vultures in the Rhodope mountains (Bulgaria-Greece) launched


The kick-off meeting for the EU-funded project “Conservation of Black and Griffon vultures in the cross-border Rhodope Mountains”, led by Rewilding Europe in partnership with Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/Birdlife Bulgaria, WWF Greece, Vulture Conservation Foundation and Hellenic Ornithological Society/BirdLife Greece, was held last week in Haskovo (Bulgaria).


First results of the census of summering griffons in the Alps – at least 1700 birds present

The griffon vulture was absent from the Alps until the beginning of the years 2000, having disappeared completely by the beginning of the 20th century. However, due to the reintroduction projects implemented in a number of pre-alpine sites (Baronnies, Vercors and Verdon), the species started to reappear there again from 2003.


Vultures in crisis: poachers and poison threaten nature’s garbage disposers

Just doing their bit for the ecosystem. Image by J.J.Musgrove

Vultures are nature’s garbage disposers. They’re perfectly adapted to keep the environment clean and healthy by efficiently locating and consuming carcasses, recycling energy through the food web and preventing the spread of diseases. It’s an unpaid role. […]

One more Griffon vulture shot in Lebanon – the Middle East continues to be a sink for vultures and other soaring birds

Griffon Vulture found shot in Lebanon

The indiscriminate, widespread and intense killing of vultures, eagles and other birds continues unabated in the Middle East – unfortunately illegal hunting is still rampant there, with a strong impact on the millions of birds that pass through the region in their Spring and […]

The first nestling Griffon Vulture hatched in the Balkan Mountains for almost a century

For more than a decade our Bulgarian colleagues have been dreaming about restoring vulture populations in the Balkans – indeed the first feasibility studies for the reintroduction of griffons in the Central Balkan mountains, where they had disappeared many decades ago, was done 10 years ago.


The fourteenth bearded vultures released in Andalusia Spain.

The 14th young bearded vulture to be released this year in the three ongoing reintroduction projects – Alps, Andalusia and Grands Causses, was set free this weekend in Sierra de Cazorla, Spain


The female was named after a local municipality (Huesa), and is the 5th bearded vulture to be released in the Sierras […]

First successful breeding of griffon vulture in the Central Balkan Mountains Bulgaria for more than 70 years!

Hard work usually pays off – indeed, one of those joyful momentous of reward was felt yesterday throughout the offices of several conservation organizations in Bulgaria and further afield, when the news that a wild griffon vulture chick had hatched from a nest in Stara Planina, the first breeding in the wild for almost […]

Another mass poisoning of vultures in Asia – at least 20 Himalayan griffon vultures dead in India

In recent years there have been increasing reports of widespread use of poison impacting wildlife across Africa and Asia. Predators are poisoned in retaliation for depredation on livestock, but often the first victims are vultures, who descend on the poisoned carcass.