More Dead Raptors found in suspicious circumstances South Devon Nr. Exeter

Sadly once again we hear from PC Josh Marshall, Wildlife Crime Officer Devon, that two additional dead raptors have been found in suspicious  circumstances. You may recall the incidents from 2011 we reported where a number of dead raptors, including goshawk and peregrines had been found poisoned in Devon. (Read the details here.) (And more details here.)

This is the detail plus […]

Country File – Goshawk Persecution in Devon

If you missed the Country File programme of two nights ago dealing with the illegal persection of Goshawks in Devon, you can catch up by viewing the item on the BBC iplayer by clicking the link below. The item begins towards the end of the programme, just slide the bar at the bottom of the […]

Another Goshawk nesting attempt destroyed in the Upper Derwent Valley, Derbyshire.

[singlepic id=288 w=240 h=337 float= left]Another Goshawk nest destroyed in the Derwent Valley. The crime is the latest in a long-running series of attacks on birds of prey in the Peak District. The RSPB and Severn Trent Water have today expressed their outrage at the wanton destruction of the nest of one of Britain’s most […]

West Midlands Bird of Prey smuggler receives community service.

A BIRMINGHAM man has been sentenced for smuggling rare birds into the country from South Africa and trying to sell endangered species over the web. Brynn McDonagh from West Heath was arrested last October in a joint West Midlands Police and National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) investigation.


BBC ONE SHOW- Revealing insight into the prosecution and appeal of Derbyshire gamekeeper Glenn Brown


[singlepic id=449 w=149 h=276 float=left]Followers of Raptor Politics will recall the successful prosecution in 2010 of Derbyshire Gamekeeper Glenn Brown for amongst other wildlife crimes, using a decoy white pigeon to trap goshawks on National Trust property. A summery of the appeal can be followed here:

What was extraordinary in this case Brown’s […]

Bedfordshire man sent to jail for dealing in stuffed raptors, while those who poison, trap or shoot them receive community service in most cases.

Bedfordshire man Greg Turner, aged 32 of Astwood Close, Potton, appeared at Luton Crown Court after stuffed birds of prey were found at his home. The birds included, owls, a Red Kite, Marsh Harrier and Peregrine Falcon. After pleading guilty to 13 offences involving the illegal trade of endangered species, including selling more than one […]

The National Trust Speaks out following the Glenn Brown conviction.

The National Trust via their Natural Environment Director Simon Pryor is given a chance to clear the air on Mark Avery’s Blog following the unsuccessful appeal brought by Derbyshire gamekeeper Glenn Brown. Brown was the resident gamekeeper on Howden Moor owned by the National Trust who was successfully convicted of several serious wildlife crimes last […]

Mark Avery Blog – An Everyday Story of Country Folk.

Yesterday Mark Avery published one of his best pieces of journalism to date in our opinion. It’s all about the Glenn Brown appeal which ended in Derby Crown Court last week. We strongly urge all our followers to log onto Marks web site and read the logic of everything Mark has so carefully written. An […]

RSPB witnesses put on trial in the unsuccessful appeal of gamekeeper Glenn Brown!

Once you have read the text below written by Mark Thomas (RSPB), you will be left with no doubt who was on trial in the recent appeal heard at Derby Crown Court brought by Glenn Brown the convicted Derbyshire gamekeeper. Dirty tricks, false accusations, attacks on RSPB credibility and intimidation tactics, all being used by […]

The stark contrast in security between “urban” and “upland” raptors in England today.

Not too many people I suspect take the time to sit down to ask themselves why iconic raptors like peregrine, hen harrier, goshawk and red kite remain absent from the majority of moorlands in England used for shooting red grouse. Take Geltsdale and the Northern Pennines as a general example, void of these raptors and […]