Natural England and the sterilisation of Britain!

[airesizeimg src=”$-150×150$.jpg” alt=”Goshawk” class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-17503″ ]Many people know about the attempt by Natural England to monitor the deaths of Hen Harriers by satellite tagging but few know about their indirect attempt to make specific birds of prey together with other wild animals sterile in England! […]

Response from DEFRA regarding the use of Goodnature A24 trap

Following the a proposal that yet another trap was to be brought to Britain to kill unwanted species regarded as vermin by the shooting industry, we have attached below the response from DEFRA about this new device and its potential use. Their response is below


Should wildlife crime be enforced by tougher legislation?

Almost 200 reports of shooting, trapping and destruction of birds of prey were received by the RSPB in 2015, the charity said. Some 64 out of the 196 reports were confirmed, including the shooting or attempted shooting of 46 birds of prey, including 16 buzzards, 11 peregrines, three red kites, one red-footed falcon […]

UPDATE: Peregrines in the Forest of Bowland finally brought down by prejudice and misguided politics

Update 17:00 19:00, Thursday 21-04-2016:

One Forest of Bowland peregrine site confirmed occupied, but subjected to 2 hours disturbance.

We are now able to confirm the information provided by an RSPB officer on Saturday 16 April to 3 members of the North West Raptor Group , and to 2 […]

To be or not to be, are pheasants livestock or wild birds, that is the question?

Its a fact shooting estates, for their sporting advantage, want their pheasant to be both! Classified as livestock when being reared in an enclosed pen, but then reclassified as ‘wild birds’ when they are released into the wild to be shot; a trick houdini would have been proud. But what does this mean? When pheasants […]

Evaluation of Trail-Cameras for Analyzing the Diet of Nesting Raptors Using the Northern Goshawk as a Model

The following Research Article was first published in the Journal.pone on 20 May 2015. The article was given an open access certification for republication. We realised before publishing that the information may be of only small interest to many of our followers and is quite long and in depth, however there will be many raptor […]

Goshawk predation on Grey Squirrel as high a 95% recorded.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Goshawk-predating-grey-web” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-16603″ ]

Goshawk holding predated Grey Squirrel

It has come to our notice that a pair of nesting Goshawks being monitored in the Midlands in 2014 by the Forestry Commission and local bird watchers were predating 90% Grey Squirrel. This adds to the Derbyshire nest where 95% […]

George Mutch, first UK Gamekeeper jailed for killing raptors.

At last a Scottish Sheriff has had the balls to do the right thing, send a gamekeeper to prison for crimes against protected raptors. For the first time in the UK a gamekeeper has been jailed for persecuting birds of prey, a sentence which conservationists are hailing as historic.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”george-mutch” class=”aligncenter […]

Goshawks thrive in urban Berlin with over 100 breeding pairs.


We are delighted to begin the New Year on a positive note telling the story of the success of one raptor, the goshawk, normally an elusive bird associated with Europe’s forests, but currently breeding in the heart of the city of Berlin. Today seventy years after the end of the Second World War, […]

A new book called ‘H’ is for Goshawk-Review by John Miles

‘H’ is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald Published by Jonathan Cape August 2014

Hardback Price £14.99 ISBN 9780224097000

A friend put me onto this book and at first glance you have not to be put off by the cover which is a hawk of sorts but does not reflect the writing inside. May be not […]

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