Can Golden Eagles in Scotland survive persecution, wind farm proliferation and habitat loss?

For thousands of years Golden Eagles have survived against all the odds throughout the Islands and Highlands of Scotland, finding safe refuge in the most rugged and beautiful landscapes Scotland has to offer. Within the isolated glens of Glen Coe’s peaceful Blackmount Forest as many as eight pairs of Golden Eagles once nested there […]

Raptor Poisoning: Scotland’s Continuing Shame

During the early 1970’s when I worked in the Scottish Highlands for a great raptor conservationist Douglas Weir, I spend many enjoyable weeks each summer tracking through the Inverness glens looking for nesting golden eagles and peregrines. The data I recorded of occupied sites found was then passed back to Doug Weir; in turn Doug […]

The latest poisoned golden eagle scandal – some thoughts by Wildlife Detective


A poisoned venison bait on a boundary fence

A poisoned hare bait beside an electrified double fence on a boundary

The poisoning of a satellite-tagged golden eagle in the Angus Glens is yet another disgraceful and disgusting crime against our wildlife committed in that area of Scotland. […]

Another Golden Eagle found poisoned, again in Angus

Here we go once again, a major investigation has been launched by the Scottish Police after yet another golden eagle has been found dead in an Angus glen after being poisoned. The body of the eagle, one of Scotland’s most iconic raptors, was found earlier this month, and tests have now confirmed it had been […]

Sixty years of protection but the killing of protected raptors continues


Hen Harrier Image courtesy Dusan Boucny

Despite 2013 being the 60th year of legal protection for wild birds, the latest RSPB Birdcrime report released today tells the continuing story of illegal persecution of the UK’s birds of prey.


RSPB 2012 Raptor Crime Report

Today RSPB Scotland released its persecution report documenting known and suspected incidents of illegal raptor killing in Scotland throughout 2012. Although the 2012 report shows raptor persecution incidents were down when compared to past years, many who deal with raptors and their on-going protection are convinced the persecutors are becoming much more proficient at concealing […]

RSPB launch on-line petition to gain support for naming the golden eagle as Scotland’s national bird.

The golden eagle has been recently voted as Scotland’s favourite animal, the RSPB are now hoping that Scottish Ministers will formally nominate the species as a national symbol promoting their commitment to protecting the golden eagle from the on-going persecution which many believe is increasing throughout the Highlands.


New Propoals by the Scottish Government designed to target wildlife criminals announced today

The Scottish Government today announce new proposals to tackle wildlife criminals who are continuing to persecute some of Scotland’s most iconic birds of prey including the golden eagle and the sea eagle. The new measures include restricting the use of licences to trap and shoot wild birds on land where raptors are suspected […]

Golden Eagles in Southern Scotland facing uncertain future.

The RSPB has warned that golden eagles face a “disastrous” future in the south of Scotland after one of these iconic birds died from gunshot wounds this week. The golden eagle, found shot in October on a grouse moor in Dumfriesshire near the village of Wanlickhead, had to put down by a vet after complications […]

Scotland’s Landowners and the SGA complain to the BBC about misleading RSPB golden eagle comments.

In January the BBC One Show broadcast an illuminating interview with two of Scotland’s most respected Golden Eagle experts, Brian Etheridge and Stuart Benn, both well know RSPB scientific field workers involved in the ecology of raptors throughout the Highlands.