Driven Grouse Shooting must be brought to an end. See some of the reason why below.

There are sufficient reasons depicted by the images below, including Chris Packham’s video, why we should all sign the ongoing petition calling for the banning of Driven Grouse shooting in England. We would ask each of you to please take a few moment to sign and share the petition to your friends to […]

Mystery deepens over the suspicious disappearance of Fred the young Golden Eagle

A young golden eagle is thought to have been killed over the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh and its body dumped in the North Sea. A young Golden Eagle named Fred raised last year in the only successful eyrie in the Scottish borders, has mysteriously disappeared after the satellite tag fitted to the eaglet before it […]

Analyses of fates of satellite tracked Golden Eagles in Scotland.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Golden Eagle Deeside” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-9718″ ]

Scottish Natural Heritage have just published detailed research undertaken by Dr Phil Whitfield & Dr Alan Fielding into fates of Satellite Tracked Golden Eagles in Scotland. The review is long and detailed but well worth reading and leaves little doubt as to what has […]

The Home-Life of a Golden Eagle, a nostalgic look back in time at the King of Scottish Raptors

Between the years 1906 and 1910, pioneering photographer Harry Macpherson laboured long and hard amongst the Scottish Grampian highlands to create the first photographic record of breeding Golden Eagles in Scotland. Now Terry Pickford recounts the exploits of this unsung Highland warrior from a past era.

“In a wild deer-forest in the heart […]

Raptor Poisoning: Scotland’s Shame

During the early 1970’s when I worked in the Scottish Highlands for a great raptor conservationist Douglas Weir, I spend many enjoyable weeks each summer tracking through the Inverness glens looking for nesting golden eagles and peregrines. The data I recorded of occupied sites found was then passed back to Doug Weir; in turn […]

Scotland’s highland estates face stricter legal controls over grouse shoots

Crackdown comes amid concerns about illegal persecution of birds of prey shot, poisoned or trapped by gamekeepers and farmers in Scotland. Stricter legal controls may be imposed on estates after revelations that at least 779 protected birds have been illegally killed over a 20-year period in Scotland

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”4992″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-19786″ […]

30 protected birds of prey killed in Northern Ireland in three years, report claims


Dead Male Peregrine Falcon

More than 30 protected birds of prey were killed in Northern Ireland in three years, according to a report on wildlife crime.


Polish Golden Eagle poisonings-rescued male released back into the wild this week.

On the 16 March we published details of a second breeding pair of Golden Eagles which had been found poisoned during the last 4 years in the Magura National Park Poland. Sadly the female eagle from the second pair could not be saved and died. The full story can be followed here.

[airesizeimg […]

The country landowner is not some kind of wildlife serial killer.

[airesizeimg src=”” alt=”Lord Johnstone” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-13415″ ]Writing in today’s’ Scotsman (19/02/2014), Lord David Johnstone, Annandale Estates, Lockerbie makes a bold claim estate landowners are not all serial wildlife killers. Although we accept that a high number of estate landowners in Scotland may have no direct association with killing protected wildlife, a high proportion […]

Scottish Raptor Conservation group call for grouse shooting to be licenced.

Scottish sporting estate owners and their gamekeepers said the introduction of a licensing system would be “draconian.” Scottish Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse is being urged to introduce licences for grouse shooting. The Scottish Raptor Study Group said the measures were necessary because of the continued persecution of birds of prey on Scotland’s grouse moors. But […]

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