Upland Birds appear to be in decline in Wales. Could the trend be taking place in the Forest of Bowland

Ornithologists in Wales have expressed shock at the findings of a range of independent surveys carried out across Wales in the last two years that reveal massive declines in the numbers of many of our upland birds. Species in serious decline include many of the iconic species that define our uplands, including Curlew, Golden Plover, […]

Chrissie Harper speaks out in support of Bowland’s Eagle Owls.

[singlepic id=294 w=140 h=140 float= left]Yes I can certainly confirm that Andre Farrar informed me in an e-mail “the RSPB as I should know, have had no involvement with monitoring the breeding Eagle Owls in Bowland.” He also told me ” the birds were being monitored by Natural England, and if anyone has any material […]

Continental Hen Harriers staying late in England this year.

[singlepic id=84 w=335 h=515 float= left] In a month [25th march – 24th April] over 60 records have been made by UK bird watchers of Hen Harriers observed over low ground when most British birds should already have been on their upland breeding grounds. This must point to the fact that these harriers are continental […]

Bowland Eagle Owls reported safe, but are there two pairs this season?

Contrary to previous comments posted on the Raptor Politics web site earlier this month it seems the pair of eagle owls nesting in the Whitendale valley are safe and doing very well. It now appears despite rumours and misleading information indicating the pair had been displaced by the activities of a shooting syndicate around Christmas, […]

Road to nowhere!!

In 2007 at a Hen Harrier meeting set up by the Duke of Westminster, the duke told Ian Grindy, Bowland Estate Manager, United Utilities, that the water authority’s Bowland estate was the worst managed estate in northern England. Game keepers were needed to manage the land the duke suggested. Ian replied with the fact that […]

Wide-range dispersal in juvenile Eagle Owls across the European Alps calls for transnational conservation programmes.

[singlepic id=107 w=280 h=204 float=left]It’s that time of year once again to begin talking about Eagle Owls, a very important subject as far as Raptor Politics are concerned. The Bowland Eagle Owls have been heard calling since well before Christmas, and it is also known that at least two pre-season breeding scrapes were located several […]