Serial Egg Collector Appeals against ASBO preventing him from entering Scotland during the breeding season.

[singlepic id=523 w=320 h=240 float=left]Serial egg-collector Matthew Gonshaw is attempting to use the court of appeal to over turn his recent ASBO preventing his from travelling to Scotland where he was able to conduct most of his obsession for collecting rare and endangered birds eggs, including many raptor eggs. This was the first order of […]

Matthew Gonshaw Serial Egg Collector Banned from Scotland and give another 6 months in Prison.



11 MAY 2012



The Cumbrian Peregrine Story by Geoff Horne, RSPB Gold Medal Winner.

“What we were doing was just something worthwhile. You know, helping these birds to recover from the low – very low – ebb that they were in, in the fifties and early sixties.”

Today, the high fells and crags of Cumbria are a stronghold for the Peregrine Falcon in […]

Serial Egg collector from London given Asbo preventing travel to Scotland

For the first time an egg collector has been banned from travelling to Scotland during the nesting season for ten years. An anti-social behaviour order was issued against Matthew Gonshaw because of his repeated Scottish visits to take eggs of birds like golden eagles and ospreys.

He had previously admitted 10 charges of theft and […]

London serial egg collector jailed for 10 more months

Matthew Gonshaw, regarded as a serial egg collector with an obsession for rare birds eggs has been jailed for stealing hundreds of eggs including golden eagle and osprey. When police raided Gonshaw’s east London home more than 700 eggs taken from nests, camouflage clothing, climbing equipment and maps of nesting sites were discovered.


Wide-range dispersal in juvenile Eagle Owls across the European Alps calls for transnational conservation programmes.

[singlepic id=107 w=280 h=204 float=left]It’s that time of year once again to begin talking about Eagle Owls, a very important subject as far as Raptor Politics are concerned. The Bowland Eagle Owls have been heard calling since well before Christmas, and it is also known that at least two pre-season breeding scrapes were located several […]

Wildlife Crime by Dave Dick-Well Worth Reading.

[singlepic id=456 w=213 h=301 float=left] Whittles Publishing

ISBN 978-1-84995-036-7

2012 – £18.99

I think it is best to suggest that you are not put off by the forward by Sir John Lister-Kaye as this book really paints a picture of a truly wild and a beautiful landscape of Scotland which for 200 years has […]

Britain’s most imprisoned egg collector doing “Bird” again.

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float= left]Today [Tuesday 13 December, 2011], Matthew Gonshaw (49) of Cherrywood Close, Bow in East London, has extended his infamy for being Britain’s most imprisoned egg collector by being sentenced to yet another jail term, for six months, following conviction for stealing and possessing wild birds eggs, including those of some […]

The One Show – Millionaire collector in rare birds and their eggs exposed by the RSPB

Last night the “One Show” featured the interesting case exposed by the RSPB of the millionaire Michael Barclay and John Metcalf a former magistrate. Both individuals are convicted criminals and have been involved in the trade in protected wild birds and their eggs for many years.

Follow the link provided below to view to interview […]

European wildlife being devastated by trapping, poisoning and shooting

A Birdlife Europe report reveals disturbing facts about the illegal killing of birds throughout Europe. The report includes details of 2,146 Griffon Vultures which have been poisoned in Spain during the last ten years