What surprises await our threatened raptors on red grouse moors in 2016?

Will the 2016 breeding season be worse or better for ‘protected raptors like the hen harrier and peregrine that have the misfortune to venture onto moorland in northern England where red grouse are shot for sport? We would like to think the situation will improve this season, but we remain pessimistic based upon last year’s […]

Natal dispersal of Eagle Owls: a European scale project

Photo: Vincenzo Penteriani Natal dispersal (i.e., the movement of wandering individuals from their birthplaces to their first breeding locations) can be considered one of the most intriguing ecological processes determining the spatial spreading of individuals. Dispersal is a field that embraces a multitude of disciplines, from population ecology and genetics to conservation biology. In […]

Forest of Bowland: Will the Westminster government allow this Lancashire moorland area to become a Raptor free zone?

Mallowdale Pike. In 2009 the resident gamekeeper left this estate taking up new duties in Scotland. The following spring in the absence of a gamekeeper a pair of peregrines successfully reared their two chicks at this remote location. In the following year the peregrines disappeared and have so far […]

The Eagle Owl is amongst 15 species that could be brought back to rewild Britain.

If a new organisation called Rewilding Britain get their way this could result in a huge about turn by UK Scientists and Government agencies alike. If recommendations on the table are accepted the Eagle Owl could be one of fifteen likely species to be considered for reintroduction back into the UK as […]

Raptors on the verge of Catastrophe in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire.

The RSPB are to be congratulated for funding a £10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful conviction of those criminals responsible for the killing of the 3 male hen harriers which disappeared from moorland owned by United Utilities Plc in the Forest of Bowland. We trust this offer will also extend to […]

Eagle owl on the loose in Dutch town after attacking residence captured and awaits relocation.

A Dutch falconer has finally caught the aggressive Eagle Owl that has terrorised the small Dutch town of Purmerend, where throughout the last few 12 months the largest of Europe owls has attacked more than 50 members of this small community.

Now that the owl is safe and in captivity, the local town council […]

Eagle-Owl webcam in western Germany at Eifel.


The female eagle owl is called Lotte. The guy whom we have to thank for this wonderful cam is Stefan Brücher http://www.egeeulen.de/inhalt/mitarbeiter.php


Hen Harrier article written by the Former Wildlife Crime Officer for Lancashire, republished.

We have attached a link at the bottom of the page to an article detailing the plight of the Hen Harrier on red grouse moors in northern England. The article written several years ago by the former Lancashire Wildlife Crime Officer, Duncan Thomas first appeared in the Shooting Times, and has now been republished in […]

RSPB on the Front Line protecting Bowland’s Hen Harriers

On the 18 May an e-mail was sent by the RSPB investigations department to a member of the North West Raptor Protection Group complaining that a Raptor Politics contributor had mentioned that two pairs of Hen Harriers were breeding somewhere in the Forest of Bowland, great news at the time, or so […]

Forest of Bowland Eagle Owls- The World Owl Trust still seeking an elite team to protect nests.

Followers are reminded that at the beginning of April Raptor Politcs highlighted that the protection of the Forest of Bowland Eagle Owls had been passed on from the RSPB and United Utilities to the World Owl Trust. At the time we welcomed this move, because when the sites were being monitored on behalf of the […]