Donald Trump invests £10m to fight Wind Farm proliferation throughout the UK

Angered by wind farm proposals on his doorstep, the US billionaire Donald Trump has decided to put up £10m in a campaign against wind farms here in the UK. Mr Trump says planned wind farms will spoil the views on his golf course on the east coast of Scotland.


National Trust pours cold water on chairman’s recent anti-wind power comments

Oh Dear Oh Dear, it appears Sir Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust has set the cat amongst the pigeons, for according to Adam Vaughan of the Gardian newspaper The National Trust has moved to distance itself from anti-wind power comments made by its high-profile chairman this week.


Trump congratulates Sir Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust.

[singlepic id=459 w=300 h=400 float=left]In a second broad side against wind farm proliferation, the American tycoon Donald Trump has now sent his personal congratulations to Sir Simon Jenkins for his recent outspoken stand against wind farm development throughout the United Kingdom. You can read Mr Trump latest letter here.

What ever anyone thinks about the […]