Veterinary diclofenac now completely banned in Iran

Iran’s Department of Environment has officially banned the export, import, production and veterinary use of the drug diclofenac in the country.

Diclofenac is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug whose veterinary use as a painkiller for livestock has been the main cause of the decline of several species of vultures around the world. Vultures are […]

Genetics explain why vultures are such good scavengers: new paper

Photo – a cinereous vulture scavenging in the middle of griffon vultures. Bruno Berthemy/VCF

Everybody knows that vultures are nature’s garbage cleaners. They perform an essential function by efficiently locating and consuming carcasses and preventing the spread of diseases, without getting ill – vultures resist infection from such highly infective pathogens as […]

One man´s passion for Spanish griffons – and the diclofenac threat pending over them – video

In this video, you can see a short story about one man´s passion for griffon vultures – and hear about veterinary diclofenac, an impending threat to them.

(Photo Inigo Fajardo/VCF)


Vultures in crisis: poachers and poison threaten nature’s garbage disposers

Just doing their bit for the ecosystem. Image by J.J.Musgrove

Vultures are nature’s garbage disposers. They’re perfectly adapted to keep the environment clean and healthy by efficiently locating and consuming carcasses, recycling energy through the food web and preventing the spread of diseases. It’s an unpaid role. […]

Major breakthrough in fight to save Asian vultures from extinction

A major step for the future of vultures in Asia was announced by the Indian Ministry of Health yesterday [26 August] when a ban of multi-dose vials of human formulations of diclofenac, which is responsible for the death of tens of millions of Asia’s vultures, came into force with immediate effect. The painkiller was banned […]

At least 200 Himalayan Griffon Vultures died in the State of Assam in past year.

The Himalayan griffon, a migratory bird which comes to Assam every winter from the Himalayan region, has been becoming a victim of poisoning in Assam every year and over 200 vultures, mostly Himalayan griffons, have died in the last one year in Assam. Sources at the the Vulture Conservation and Breeding Centre (VCBC), Rani, […]

Diclofenac in Europe – update. Where are we?

Latest News

(for background information on Diclofenac in Europe: see news from the 3th March 2014 >>

10 EU governments and the EU Commission have already received from national organisational a formal request to start a referral procedure to ban the drug in Europe

14,000 people have signed the English petition – see […]

Scotland’s Golden Eagles facing threat from new drug responsible for the deaths of thousands of Vultures

The Golden Eagle could be one of a number of raptors in the UK are at risk from a veterinary treatment which has been responsible for the deaths of 99.9% Gyps Vulture in India.


Diclofenac the drug that has killed hundreds if not thousands of vultures has been approved for use in Spain.

Vulture populations in many regions of Africa and India have been decimated by the use of Dicopenac Spain approves use of drug beneficial to mammals – that will kill any vulture that feeds on a carcass containing traces of it. Despite their unappealing looks, vultures make a vital contribution to public health in southern […]

Diclofenac the Vulture killing drug is now available on EU market

Diclofenac is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug that has wiped out vulture populations in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Now, a repeat of this ecological disaster is threatening Europe. Despite the fact that safe alternative drugs are readily available, Diclofenac has been authorised for use on domestic animals in Italy, and in Spain where 80% of […]